Bye 2018

Just like that it is 2019! I decided I could not end the year without a blog post so here I am typing away trying to decide if it was a good year or not!? Reflecting back 2018 did bring me a lot of joy.

We took our first ever vacation without kids and it did absolute wonders for our marriage and we had a blast. I think the best part of it though is that we paid for this vacation before we left so we are not going into 2019 with the debt of it. A vacation is so much more fun when it does not set you back finically. This also means though that we will have to live in these memories for awhile before we are able to retreat to some place warm again. Jordan and I both decided that this was the highlight of our year. #sorrykids #weloveyou

We also ended the year without kids. We celebrated our 11 year anniversary with an amazing 3 course meal at Decimal 81. Grandma volunteered to take the kids for the night and we very quickly said “YES!”

Over some really great eats we discussed the ups and the downs of 2018 and also had some laughs. It was a great time spent and I am so glad we decided to splurge and be fancy for a change.

I have spent the last couple of weeks feeling anxious after finding out my part time position would be terminated by the middle of January. This means I will no longer be working every second weekend and will be put back to casual. I have known this could be a possibility for the last month but when it became true I was heartbroken. The every second weekend worked out so well for my family; however this has given me time to reflect on my work life this past year. Which made me realize how stressed, anxious, and guilty I have felt. I realized I need stability in my life and that what matters most to me are these two.

I spent a very long time praying for exactly what I have now. So in 2019 I am choosing them, my kids. This does not mean I might not work or pursue a career outside the home. At this point I have no idea what my future holds. It just means I am putting them first in any decision I make. Jordan is working about 50 hours a week right now and I am so proud of how he has moved forward in his career. I often hear people talking about all the sacrifice it takes to be a mom. I know from the outside it looks like I am sacrificing a booming career to be with them but that is not how it feels. I have gained so much from being their Mom and I am truly in a space where I know I would never regret putting them first in any and every decision I make.

I am happy to say goodbye to 2018 and excited to see what is in store for 2019. After a deep conversation with my friend the other day as we both contemplate careers and where life will take us. She said “I think 2019 is going to be the best year of our lives!” and I could not agree more!

5 Things that make me Happy

To all of my Canadian friends Happy Thanksgiving long weekend!!! Sadly I will be at work this weekend BUT thankfully I have Monday off. So we will be having a small feast here as a family of four. I just purchased some turkey thighs for the slow cooker so I didn’t have to deal with cooking an entire turkey meal on our one day as a family. I will not be on here on Monday as I will be enjoying the day with them and hopefully weather depending fitting in the perfect fall hike! Now onto the happy for this week:

Number One:

We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family last Saturday due to work schedules and vacations. We ate a great turkey meal, took lots of pictures, and enjoyed turkey coma naps after. It was perfect. Sometimes you have to get above the table to get the perfect picture and yes I have done this in public, haha.

Number Two:

Hair cut day! Mr Simon was way over due for a haircut and I suggested it be done outside. He is watching a show on my laptop because that is the only way folks. I love that Jordan cuts Mr Simon’s hair. Not only does it save us money but also the manly bonding, haha.

Number Three:

My cupboards they are FINALLY done. You know the feeling when you finish that project that you have been talking about doing for over a year…ahhh. I am so happy we plugged away and got these cupboards painted. The space is so much brighter and I love them. There is still more to do in this part of the house but this is a great start. #woot

Number Four:

My basement door. I had no idea how this would look painted I just knew I wanted to do it and I am so happy I did. I absolutely love the look it gives in our little kitchen. Guys, this is a game changer and it so so so simple and easy to do! I love a pop color door!

Number Five:

Being a Mom is hard! Can I get an “amen”? These two have been just so sweet lately though. One of my favourite times is Friday afternoons. Miss Charlie gets out of school at 12pm and the three of us spend the afternoon together or with friends. These two are my world and are worth all the hard work!

That is all for this week of happy. Enjoy your long weekend!


Painter’s Paradise

Let’s talk about PAINT. I have a love hate relationship with painting. I hate the mess it can make and the time it takes But and this is a HUGE BUT everything looks so MUCH better with a fresh coat of paint. I have been on a bit of a painting “roll” ¬†lately. I want my house to be brighter and to all blend together.

I love coloured kitchen cabinets but I was 100% over my green country looking ones. When we were picking colors and designing this house I went with a country look and feel. It seemed right when most of my furniture was passed down or antiques. Through the years I have realized I love a touch of modern and have added to this space. I am not sure what you would call my decor style besides “a little bit of everything”.

I have been wanting to paint the door to our basement for a while now. It is in the kitchen all by itself and it is the perfect door to add a pop of color to. The door knob is original to the 100 year old house we renovated to make our own and I just love that.

Remember my navy bathroom!? Well the paint I used on the door in the kitchen is the same color. It is by SICO and is called “black denim”. This same color is also on the back wall in the loft. I am having a real navy moment over here.

A can of paint can really change a space and I cannot wait to continue on throughout the rest of our home. Our kitchen also needs new light fixtures and curtains. I am in no rush though getting your space they way you want it takes time. What are you painting these days? What are your favourite colors?


Fall Frenzy

First I need to say a BIG thank you to the #PSL for getting me through the last couple of weeks. I am in a “Fall Frenzy” trying to get so many things done right now. We have a lot of painting we want to do in our home and I really want it done like yesterday. With kids it takes so long to do anything and so I have been trying to pace myself.

This boy is as sweet as pie. He is my whole day. Potty training is going good but I feel like each time I am about to do something he is telling me its potty time. With Miss Charlie in school until 3pm I have so much of this thing called “time” but I really don’t the day flies by.

Then there is the cutest pup in the world and when my sweet boy doesn’t need to go potty. Java needs to go outside. So things have not been getting done on my timeline and I learning to let go and live in the moment.

We are all busy and have our “things” but I think it important to look at what keeps us busy and reflect if that is our best time spent. As I run around my house excited to improve, paint, and decorate I am also aware that spending time with my family is far more important then what color the walls are.

What is keeping you busy these days? Are you in a “fall frenzy” like me thinking you have to get so much completed before winter approaches? Are you spending time with the people you need to be spending time with? I hate to say this but as the holidays approach we are all about to get much busier. Now is the time to spend time together. Make a little time for the people you love this week!

Not as Planned

Cheers to the Mama’s out there surviving the second full week of school! This post is titled “Not as Planned” because our weekend definitely did not go as we originally planned. I had big plans of a camping trip which included fall hikes and a full turkey dinner at the campsite. I was super excited for this but last week was insane for us all and it ended with not being able to get the lights on our trailer working and a kid melting down after a long first full week of school.

This could have put a negative tone on our entire weekend but instead we decided it just wasn’t meant to be. Parked the trailer and that was that. I then decided if we were going to be home then I wanted to complete a task. That task was painting our kitchen cupboards. I got to work cleaning them out and wiping them down. We then spent the weekend painting. Even the kids painted with us.

Getting anything done with kids around is so hard. We made sure to take lots of breaks to do things with them. Saturday morning we went to a playground and we also visited with the horses next door.

On Sunday after church they had food, games, and bouncy castles as our fall kick off. It was so nice to be out of the house. I mean it looked like hurricane Florence had happened in my home. It was insanely messy. We enjoyed taking a break and having fun with friends.

Our weekend did not go as planned but we still managed to have a great one and get a major project finished!

Java Update

Hello all my dog lovers! I really thought after Billy Jean passed away that I would just be done with animals. I am so so glad that I changed my mind! Dogs bring so much joy to life. Spoiler alert we are ALL loving Java. Java is a maltipoo bordercollie mix. I know right now everyone is all about the purebreds and finding the perfect breed but I really think just being open to what is out there is key. The reason I picked Java was not her breed it  was her price. I almost had a heart attack when I went online to look for a dog. They are so expensive.

Java fits into our family so well. She is ALL puppy. She barks at her own shadow, chews anything she can get those baby teeth on, and she has a ton of energy. I have to say though(knock on wood) she has not ruined any of our stuff so far. This time around I am home for the most part and if I am not Jordan is. Java is also kennel trained so at night and if we are going out she goes into her kennel. This saves our stuff but also gives her a safe place to call her own.

Java has lots of puppy naps. When she starts going after the kids toys to chew I know it is time to get her outside and burn some energy. So I will take her out for a walk and as soon as we come back she passes out.This time around I have only used positive reinforcement with her. For instance if she takes a stuffie of the kids I gently say no take it away and replace it with one of her toys. She loves dog toys which is super cute.

Each morning Java comes with us to drop Miss Charlie off at school. Miss Charlie is her favourite human although now that school has started she has taken to Mr Simon a lot more. I have trained her to sit in the front passenger seat. When Miss Charlie gets out she gives one whine before we head home.

Right now Java can sit, stay, and lay down. She has been pretty easy to train. We are still working on fetch. I have been walking her around our property without a leash and training her to stay with me. She does well but is also still easily distracted. She is very hyper when we have visitors and it has been a challenge to teach her not to jump up. We are working on it though. So far she has not shed a single hair. I have never found hair on my clothes or floor. Her hair is coarse and he ears are super soft.

Java is a complete delight to have in our home. Puppies though are a big job. I think the reason it has gone so well is that I am home with her all of the time. I haven’t left her alone for more than three hours since getting her. She is content too in knowing that I am always here. I am loving her snuggles. She is a very affectionate dog Miss Charlie calls her the “kissy monster”. Jordan and I think she is like owning a real live muppet, haha.


5 Things that make me Happy

The first week of school is in!!! It feels great to start this new season after such a wonderful break during the summer. Here is what made me happy this week:

Number One:

Starbucks brought out their famous #psl early this year and EVERYBODY had something to say about it. It was like seeing eggnog in July. Everyone said it was too early. Get. Over. It. Of course Starbucks wants to capitalize on one of their best selling drinks that is just good marketing. Even if you are desperately hanging onto summer it is over. The evenings are much cooler, the leaves are changing, the whole earth including Starbucks is telling us that a new season is here no matter what date is on the calendar. I happily got my Pumpkin Spice Latte on the day it came out. It is my favourite drink of the entire year and I get to enjoy it even longer. #woot

Number Two:

Speaking of pumpkin spice…I bought the cutest mug recently. I found this sweet mug at Indigo and I have been making my own pumpkin spice lattes at home in it. They have other ones their too and in different colours but for obvious reasons this one spoke to me! I have all kinds of Christmas themed mugs but this is my first fall themed one. My Fall decor is growing this year.

Number Three:

I read a total of ONE book this summer. I spent the long weekend devouring this book. As soon as I finished it I could not believe I have not made time for reading lately. Recently, I replaced some of my Netflix watching time with reading and have been loving it. I am back to bookworm status and am already onto my next book!

Number Four:

First school week in and it’s official I am in love with the yumbox. I have been able to pack Miss Charlie good, healthy lunches and she has been gobbling them up. It is just so easy and simple to pack this container for her. She loves that she can quickly open and eat it at lunch time and then get out on the playground. I think it is safe to say that this is the best back to school purchase I made this year!

Number Five:

After much debate I finally made the Matilda Jane ruffle pant purchase! These came on Zulily a couple of weeks ago and I knew I had to have them. However can adults wear ruffle pants!? I have decided they can and these are the most comfortable pants I have put on my body. They feel like I am wearing leggings and are made from the same material. Miss Charlie was happy to twin with me. Oh how I love this age!

That is it for my happy this week. Congrats Mamas on making it through the first week of school!


First Day of School 2018

Well it finally came and went. School has officially begun and all the Mom’s say “Hooray!”

School is bittersweet, I love having Miss Charlie home with me but she was ready to go back and so was I. Back to routine. Java had no idea what this school thing was and my guess is that she is not a fan seeing how it takes her favourite human out of the house for most of the day. I am going to try to bring her for drop off most days. Today was her first and she sat in the passengers seat very well. When Miss Charlie said goodbye and gave her kisses she was fine with that. Then she caught sight of Miss Charlie walking into the school and let out 1 bark and looked at me. I could see some panic so I gently told her to lay down and she did. As soon as we got home though she went to Miss Charlie’s room and brought me her Pj top.

Miss Charlie did great on her first day. Staying until 3pm was a big change for her. Last year she got out at 12pm. I expected her to be exhausted upon pick up but she was full energy. Since it was a hot day I took her to Grandma’s for a swim in the pool. By 7pm last evening she was fast asleep.

She has a new classroom and the change was exciting for her. We did not do school work at all over the summer we took the break and I am glad we did. On her first evening home I wanted to get her into the homwork routine so we did a few sight words and practiced her Bible verse. This kid loves homework and was begging for more. #idontrelate

Mr Simon arrived at the first day of school and found his seat immediately. He sat down and was ready. He was completely unaware that 2 year olds do not go to school. Last year he dropped his sister off with Mom but this year he was sure it was his year. He did not understand what diapers had to do with school when I explained to him that you have to go on the potty before you can come to school. He brought one in his backpack and a package of wipes. He was sure with a wink, wink, nudge, nudge he could get that nice teacher lady to change it for him if and when needed.

So as I headed to our van in the parking lot I appeared to be abducting a small child with a backpack on from school. It is now the second day of school and this morning we just let Miss Charlie out in the carline. Mr Simon is happily now home snuggled in and watching “Paw Patrol” on Netflix. Potty training begins on Monday!



Labor Day Long Weekend

A vacation should be easy and relaxing but often it is not. There is a lot of driving, cranky kids that are always hungry, and you end up spending way more money than you wanted to by the end of it. So when we were invited to accompany my Sister and her family to a friends cottage after very little thought we were all in!

Jordan and I wanted a fun but also relaxing last weekend before our busy season starts. We got all of that and more. With a quick 45 minute drive we were in St. George, NB on the Canal fishing, relaxing, and of course I did some reading.

We will never go hungry because these kids can FISH! I tried once and it wasn’t a huge fan but I was happy to drink my latte and watch. The kids and the men did lots of fishing and caught pickerel and bass. It was VERY exciting when someone got one.

The men even went out in the kayaks fishing along the canal. Us girls did too but our kayaking looked very different. We stopped at shorelines and looked for great spots for pictures. We also freaked out each time a speed boat went by and at one point a wave filled my entire kayak with water.

Just across from our entrance to the water was a little sandy beach where someone had added a hammock over the water. Of course we had to go over and try it out. I have to say it was a pretty genius idea and totally relaxing and nice to swing over the water.

We spent our afternoons at the beach on Lake Utopia. It was a great spot. The kids loved playing in the sand and riding the waves. The adults enjoyed basking in the sun. I did get in the water and swim though and it was surprisingly warm.

Evenings are for campfires. We roasted marshmallows and made s’mores. After the kids went to bed we played boardgames and ate a ton of junk food.

The sweetest part of the trip though was the dogs. Before we went away for the weekend we did a little meet and greet with them. When we got to the cottage they were happy to see one another. The played, hung out, and fell asleep together. The were not rough and didn’t bark just both easy going and became quick pals. It was adorable to watch.

We had a wonderful weekend. We returned last evening just before 8pm with two sleeping kids and a very tired pup. We managed to get both kids in their beds without waking either of them. Today we are cleaning inside and out and finishing the laundry. Miss Charlie does not start school until Wednesday so we still have one more day of relaxation. #woot

Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend!