Bathroom Renovations 2018

After Christmas and before we even began taking down the Christmas decor we started renovating our bathroom. Jordan was on vacation so it seemed like the perfect time to get started on a project before he headed back to work. Looking back we should have waited. In the midst of renovating I came down with the flu. Our Christmas decor lingered into January and half of our bathroom was sitting in the hall…for days. I am happy it is pretty much completed and yes the Christmas decor finally got put away but our home still remains in chaos. Miss Charlie started with the flu last week which meant my focus was on her and laundry not a tidy house. Hopefully by the end of this month we will have everything where it needs to be. Renovating with kids is a challenge even when you are only doing a small bathroom. Read More

Snow falling outside Tornado hit inside

It seems like every time I look out my window snow is falling from the sky. I actually have been really enjoying it.  I am trying not to get too attached because word on the street is that a lot of rain is headed our way. All week though I have been sending the kids out to play and they have been really enjoying it. They stay out until I make them come in and only listen to me when I bribe them with hot chocolates or they use it as a bargaining tool. “We will come in if you make us hot chocolate” haha I love it and usually oblige. Read More

New Year New Changes

School is back today!!! I am dropping off Miss Charlie this morning with a huge change…glasses! I am so glad she had Winter break to get use to wearing them. She has been great at keeping them on and remembering to put them on each day. She takes great care of them but by the end of the day I have to scrub them they are so filthy! She has been loving the extra attention her new specs have been getting her. Several people thought I have been wearing them on her for fashion and that they are not real, haha. They are REAL I am not that committed to fashion that I would get my kid to wear fake glasses. Miss Charlie knew she wanted pink glasses the moment she was told she was getting them. These ones are Disney brand and I think they really suite her. We only bought the one pair for now but as I get ready to send her to school it is making me nervous so I think I better order another pair ASAP. Read More

5 Things that make me Happy

Hello 2018! I hope that you bring me so much happiness but even if you don’t, I am going to find it each week right here! Having a positive attitude is what truly makes me happy, so each week I find 5 things that made me swoon, giddy, or jump for joy. From something or someone I am loving to something really simple. Here are my five to start off the new year: Read More

Happy New Year 2018

Happy 2018 everyone and thank you so much for continuing to follow along! On New Years Eve Jordan and I celebrated our 10 year Anniversary! Wow, that came up fast, so fast in fact that we didn’t really make any plans. Nearing the date we both felt completely stressed out about how to celebrate this milestone. Many of my friends and family have taken trips for their 10 years. We, however could not afford to take a trip this year and did not want to start the next ten years in debt from a trip. We were completely stuck on what we should be doing. The only thing we had planned was my Mom was taking the kids for the night. I am a true planner so it is not like me to leave something important like this until the last minute but between work and the holidays I completely dropped the ball. On New Years eve day I woke up ran to the bathroom and lost my cookies, hello flu. At that moment I was so happy we had not paid for a hotel room or any NYE events. The next 24hrs were a blur. Read More

Christmas 2017

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas this year I know we did! Here in New Brunswick it was a white Christmas with a snow storm that started on Christmas Day. It was beautiful. On Christmas Day we usually go over to my parents with my Sister and her family in the afternoon to open presents but because of the storm warnings we changed our plans the night before. When we all woke up in the morning we threw on our coats and headed straight there leaving all the gifts snug under the tree. All of the little ones were super patient and we even ate breakfast before opening any gifts at my Mom’s. So this year we started opening gifts at around 9:30am. I know some of you Mama’s out there are thinking my kids would never go for that. I find my kids are the most patient Christmas Day because they know they are about to get a bunch of gifts and they are not going to do anything to ruin that, haha. We came home after the storm got started just before 11am and opened the gifts at out own house. It was great and really made Christmas last. Read More

Bah Humbug

As we come closer to Christmas some of us are VERY excited while others like Mr Simon are not so sure about what to think or feeling a tad cranky. For those of you who dislike this season it is almost over for another whole year so that is something to be happy about, right!? As for me I am already looking forward to next Christmas as my Hubby will finally be off and not working, yay shift work. As for this year I’ll be putting out the gifts alone again…I mean helping Santa of course! Read More