Explore your City

I am always looking for fun inexpensive things for the kids and I to do while Jordan is on shift. On this day I decided to take them uptown Saint John. Exploring your own city is a great way to put in a morning(or afternoon). We did not pay for any tours or anything extra we simply just went for a walk but being in the bustling city held their attention and we had a blast. Read More

5 Things that make me Happy

I am sitting here in the Macdonald’s parking lot drinking an ice coffee and stealing their wifi to write this post. Since the big thunder and lightening storm our Rogers internet had been out. It has been a crazy week of great times and hard times. The lightening also hit our well pump so Jordan was hard at work fixing the electrical box on that which meant no water. We finally managed to get away for our first camping experience which was awesome and we can’t wait to do it again! Now let’s chat about my 5 ย things for this week: Read More

Ikea DIY

This week I have been busy painting and building. Last month we ordered twin beds, twin mattresses, bedding, and nightstands from IKEA for the kids. We ordered them into an IKEA pickup spot in Saint John for $60 shipping since the closest store to us right now is Montreal( one is due to open closer in Halifax soon). Mr Simon is still in his crib and so we focused on getting Miss Charlie’s bed painted and together first. Read More

Storm Chasing Saturdays

The weather can really affect your weekend plans…if you let it. I personally had big plans to get some painting done on Saturday but it rained off and on so that wasn’t happening. So instead of doing the list of things we need to get done around the house we ended up dropping everything and spending some much needed family time. Read More

5 Things that make me Happy!

What a great week, am I right? I had so much fun this week and so much to be happy for. Guys it is JUNE!!! I am so happy for that but at the same time I need everything to slow down now because my oldest starts school in the Fall. Praying for a LONG drawn out Sumer, haha does that ever happen? I think not! Let’s get happy though and not think of me crying on the first day of school in the Fall! Read More