5 Things that make me Happy

It has been a great week over here and I hope that you all feel the same. Happy Friday!!! Now onto my Five things:

Number One:

How cute is this Dude on the potty. No, he is not potty trained. We are just starting and I have to say he is not very interested at the moment so I am not stressing about it. He won’t start school in a diaper, haha. #secondchild Read More

Fun in Matilda Jane

It is no secret that I am loving the clothing brand “Matilda Jane.” My first order from them was through the Zulily site. On their site you have hours and sometimes days to shop a brand and then it disappears. It takes a lot of fast thinking and buying to get the clothes and sizes that you want. I will admit it is exhilarating. My order came in pretty fast and I was super happy with what I items I purchased. Read More

5 Things that make me Happy

I hope you all had a great week! It has been a wet one over here with a lot of flooding in and around our area. Thankfully we are up high and have stayed dry at our house but the entire province is dealing with a lot of water right now. Praying for some sunny hot days over here to dry all that water up! Read More

Tea Time

As a child I grew up having many tea parties. My Mom would let my friends and I use china tea cups and we wore fancy dresses and hats too. We drank herbal tea and I remember feeling so sophisticated. When I had my own little girl I remember thinking that I could not wait to have tea parties with her. Life is busy for all though and I completely forgot that I wanted to make this happen until the most inconvenient  time that worked for no one. Yesterday however, I found out Miss Charlie’s BFF and her Cousin were coming over to play and immediately I thought “TEA PARTY!” Read More

Hello Monday

April showers are happening today which makes for a pretty depressing way to start off the week. Don’t forget though that April showers brings May flowers and guys it is almost MAY!!!! We are one month closer to tees and shorts. This week I will be putting away all of our hats, mitts, and winter coats and that is just so EXCITING. I had a pretty lame weekend because I worked most of it. I worked 11 hours on Saturday and over 12 hours on Sunday. Friday I spent the entire day cleaning. Our home has looked like a disaster zone for far too long. I am happy to say Jordan kept it clean over the weekend and did all of our laundry. #goodman Read More

5 Things that make me Happy

It has been a great week! After a busy weekend of working I had a lot of house catch up to get done and I am happy to say for the most part it is done. I even made it to Costco yesterday to start my grocery shopping and plan to get an order from Superstore today. We will enter this weekend with a clean house with food in it. What more could a Mom ask for!? Before I start my weekend though I have to work this evening then I plan on spending the rest of the weekend lounging in my pj’s, haha. Now on to my happy from this week: Read More

Fun with One

After five years of every single second together this year has been such a change with Miss Charlie going to school. I now gets lot’s of one on one time with Mr Simon  and less and less time with her. Next Fall she will be in school even longer until 3pm!!! I don’t know how I will deal. The past few weeks I could tell she needed more one on one time with me. So an afternoon last week I dropped Mr Simon off at my Mom’s house and her and I went to town together. Read More

Modern Mom

Let’s all raise a glass to online grocery shopping!!! Yes, I feel like such a “Modern Mom” now. I know that some of you in bigger cities and through the states have been enjoying this for awhile as I watched on in total envy. Finally the Superstore that is less than a 3 minute drive from my home got on board and I was so excited to try it out! First off let’s talk about what you can do with all the free time you have now that you just need to pick up your groceries instead of shopping for them in store. Going out to eat was number one on my list and we did that this week. Read More