Hello Spring

Well hello Spring! Spring in the maritimes means snow. So I thought this picture would be fitting. Jordan was laughing from the house when he saw me trudging through the snow to get this picture. I did not even put my coat on and of course he locked me out to be funny! Spring is here and another snowstorm is also in the forecast to start tonight. I am hoping it is not a bad one because I am working tomorrow and the next day and driving in bad weather sucks! Read More

The days are long but the years are Short

“The days are long but the years are short.”

This is a quote from one of my favourite authors and podcaster Gretchen Rubin. I talk about her all the time on here because I just love her wise words! I think all Mom’s can relate to this quote especially if you have young kids! It seems like just yesterday we were taking our first family selfie as a new family of four. What a transition that was! I was reminded of Mr Simon as a baby last night. The poor little guy is sick again with a cold actually we all are. Mr Simon woke up a few times crying through the night. Now as I sit here sipping a latte and exhausted it feels eerily like those first few month after a new baby when you are just so worn out. Read More

5 Things that make me Happy

We made it through week one of our new schedules! I am happy to say it went pretty smoothly. We even managed to fit in a date night with friends last night. If you have not been keeping up Jordan and I  both started new positions in the last month. He started a new position that is Mon-Fri days after working shift work for the past 10 years. I left the hospital and started working at an assisted care facility casually in December and just started a part-time temp. position. This is the first time since having kids that I have been on a schedule. Lot’s of changes! Miss Charlie has been loving that Daddy now gets home earlier and I am sure Mr Simon loves it too! Now on with more happy: Read More

Happier at Home February: Body

The title of this chapter “Body” scared me. I think that is why it took me so long to start reading it. Why, because I did not want another book telling me working out will make me happier. At my job I am on my feet 98% of the time and with small children I am on my feet 100% of the time. So although I would be open to some more relaxing exercise like yoga or pilates I do not think in this season of life that I would be able to do a cardio workout everyday. High fives to the working Mom’s that have the strength to do this! Gretchen Rubin wonders “Did exercise actually make people happier, or were happier people merely more likely to exercise?” Read More

March Break Life

I have been following all your warm vacation pictures on instagram in complete envy! We did not go on vacation for our first March Break. Jordan finished up his last week of shift work and I also worked a few shifts. We made the time we had together count though and the kids got a night away at the grandparents while we were both at work. Read More

5 Things that make me Happy

Happy March Break New Brunswickers! Our March break started today and Miss Charlie has already asked me 3x what we are doing today. I am looking forward to no school drop off this coming week. We do not have any vacation plans we are sticking around here since Jordan and I will both have to work. This past week went by super fast because it was a short week for us but it was filled with happy moments. Here are my 5 things for this week: Read More

Fresh Air

I am having a hard time this week with a cold…I think I might have the “man cold” I say that because it hurts all over and I just want my Mommy to come tuck me in and take care of me. Last week both of the kids were sick with fevers/colds and this week it has been me. Of course now that the kids have all their energy back I would be hit with this bad boy. Despite my complaining I have managed to do life with the help cold meds. Yesterday I finally got out, walked, and breathed in some fresh air and it felt good. Read More

Breakfast Bar

Our kitchen breakfast bar has been finished for a few weeks now and last evening was the first time we sat at our dining room table since it has been done. So clearly it is not just for breakfast. We all have been enjoying it. Jordan and I even sat here side by side for our Valentine’s Day dinner. Right now I am sitting here and blogging because it is the perfect height to type on my laptop. This was a pretty simple project that has been a game changer in our home. Read More

5 Things that make me Happy

This week was a short school week for us so it flew by! I officially started on my shifts for my new temporary position and it went well. Jordan has a couple of more weeks until he starts on at his new position. Big changes ahead that we are looking forward to. There is so much to be happy about right now but here are just a few: Read More

Next Chapter

Just like that and we are on to the next chapter over here at Hopkins House! Jordan applied for a Monday through Friday day job in a different department of his work a couple of months ago and last week we found out he got it. I am so VERY proud of him. We have both worked shift work since shortly after we married, 10years ago, so this is a BIG change for us and our family. For the last five years(since having Miss Charlie) I had been working only night shifts but in my new current position it is only days or evening shifts. Now neither of us will be working nights and we both suspect that we will start looking MUCH younger, haha. Read More