5 Things that make me Happy

To all of my Canadian friends Happy Thanksgiving long weekend!!! Sadly I will be at work this weekend BUT thankfully I have Monday off. So we will be having a small feast here as a family of four. I just purchased some turkey thighs for the slow cooker so I didn’t have to deal with cooking an entire turkey meal on our one day as a family. I will not be on here on Monday as I will be enjoying the day with them and hopefully weather depending fitting in the perfect fall hike! Now onto the happy for this week: Read More

Painter’s Paradise

Let’s talk about PAINT. I have a love hate relationship with painting. I hate the mess it can make and the time it takes But and this is a HUGE BUT everything looks so MUCH better with a fresh coat of paint. I have been on a bit of a painting “roll”  lately. I want my house to be brighter and to all blend together. Read More

Fall Frenzy

First I need to say a BIG thank you to the #PSL for getting me through the last couple of weeks. I am in a “Fall Frenzy” trying to get so many things done right now. We have a lot of painting we want to do in our home and I really want it done like yesterday. With kids it takes so long to do anything and so I have been trying to pace myself. Read More

Not as Planned

Cheers to the Mama’s out there surviving the second full week of school! This post is titled “Not as Planned” because our weekend definitely did not go as we originally planned. I had big plans of a camping trip which included fall hikes and a full turkey dinner at the campsite. I was super excited for this but last week was insane for us all and it ended with not being able to get the lights on our trailer working and a kid melting down after a long first full week of school. Read More

Java Update

Hello all my dog lovers! I really thought after Billy Jean passed away that I would just be done with animals. I am so so glad that I changed my mind! Dogs bring so much joy to life. Spoiler alert we are ALL loving Java. Java is a maltipoo bordercollie mix. I know right now everyone is all about the purebreds and finding the perfect breed but I really think just being open to what is out there is key. The reason I picked Java was not her breed it  was her price. I almost had a heart attack when I went online to look for a dog. They are so expensive. Read More

5 Things that make me Happy

The first week of school is in!!! It feels great to start this new season after such a wonderful break during the summer. Here is what made me happy this week:

Number One:

Starbucks brought out their famous #psl early this year and EVERYBODY had something to say about it. It was like seeing eggnog in July. Everyone said it was too early. Get. Over. It. Of course Starbucks wants to capitalize on one of their best selling drinks that is just good marketing. Even if you are desperately hanging onto summer it is over. The evenings are much cooler, the leaves are changing, the whole earth including Starbucks is telling us that a new season is here no matter what date is on the calendar. I happily got my Pumpkin Spice Latte on the day it came out. It is my favourite drink of the entire year and I get to enjoy it even longer. #woot Read More

First Day of School 2018

Well it finally came and went. School has officially begun and all the Mom’s say “Hooray!”

School is bittersweet, I love having Miss Charlie home with me but she was ready to go back and so was I. Back to routine. Java had no idea what this school thing was and my guess is that she is not a fan seeing how it takes her favourite human out of the house for most of the day. I am going to try to bring her for drop off most days. Today was her first and she sat in the passengers seat very well. When Miss Charlie said goodbye and gave her kisses she was fine with that. Then she caught sight of Miss Charlie walking into the school and let out 1 bark and looked at me. I could see some panic so I gently told her to lay down and she did. As soon as we got home though she went to Miss Charlie’s room and brought me her Pj top. Read More

Labor Day Long Weekend

A vacation should be easy and relaxing but often it is not. There is a lot of driving, cranky kids that are always hungry, and you end up spending way more money than you wanted to by the end of it. So when we were invited to accompany my Sister and her family to a friends cottage after very little thought we were all in! Read More