5 Things that make me HAPPY


This was a wonderful last week of maternity leave and as of today I am officially back to work. As you are reading this I am becoming reacquainted with the hospital computer system. Lets not think about that though, and just focus on all the Happy that took place this past week.

Number One


This boy taking his first steps! Mr Simon turned 11 months old on the 26th and has been taking a step here and there. He is not really aware of it though and is still constantly holding on to everything to assist him. I was getting some pictures of him standing and holding onto the couch and he went after a toy. He even picked it up before realising he was out there on his own then fell on his bum. Yesterday I was holding this baby boy in my arms today he is taking steps. What a miracle life is!

Number Two


These two eating apples when we went apple picking. You can read all about it on my precious post. They both really enjoyed this outing and I suspect next year Miss Charlie will be remembering this and asking to go again.

Number Three


Listening to podcasts or dancing with kids to the radio happens often in the kitchen because that is where I have my Crosley radio/bluetooth speakers set up. I love having a podcast on while I am cleaning or making supper. I found this for half price at target before it closed and I love it.

Number Four


Family Time. It was so nice to get in some time with both of our parents this past week. It was a last minute plan that came together beautifully. Jordan is working straight through Thanksgiving weekend again this year so it was nice to fit in supper with everyone after our apple picking that afternoon.

Number Five


At our family gathering we had my favourite fall meal: Chicken Taco Chili. This is such an easy meal and is made in the slow cooker, so perfect for a day when you have church and then an afternoon of apple picking. We came back to supper completely ready. Does it get any better than that? I think not. The link to the recipe is here. Let me know if you try it!

That is it for the Happy this week. Monday’s post will be all about my stay at home date night with Jordan making apple pie filling with all of those apple we picked. See you then.



One thought on “5 Things that make me HAPPY

  1. I need to get that chili recipe from you!

    Also I highly enjoy podcast time, which for me is essentially when doing chores around the house. A shorter story-telling one that I think you and J might like is The Memory Palace. Little snippets, most episodes are less than ten minutes, but they are super-interesting and well done.


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