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My last weekend of being thirty is over with and this week I turn thirty one. I figure that is only 1 foot into my thirties and I am completely okay with it. I celebrated this past weekend with friends and family while also binge watching the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix, so basically my kids had sandwiches for supper two nights in a row. I have been showered with beautiful gifts which has made me feel so good and loved. I am so excited for this week I have plans to get my nails and make up done and a special date night with Jordan.


My Mom came over on Friday night for a pyjama, junk eating, Gilmore Girl watching party. We had the best time and the new Gilmore Girls is so good. If you loved it before you will not be disappointed. We just watched the first 90min episode and then I binge watched the rest over the weekend in between my Mom duties.


You cannot watch Gilmore Girls without a ton of food, so we had a little bit of everything to nibble on while we watched. My first thoughts were “They look older. Everyone looks older” it disappointed me at first, then during a bathroom break I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror…I’m older. I started watching this show at age 15! A lot has changed since then. By the second episode I was over the initial shock of everyone looking different and just enjoying it.


The last line is jaw dropping. Don’t worry no spoilers here. I would love love love if they came out with a second season and my hope is that it will happen but even if it doesn’t I am totally content with the ending. Almost everyone made an appearance, although Liz & T.J.(Luke’s sister and brother in law) did not, which was disappointing to me because I loved their characters and chemistry. I thought Liz Weil did the best job reviving her exact character (Paris Gellar) out of all of them. I love Melissa Mccarthy but I was not believing her as the ditzy Sookie she use play. Her voice did not sound the same and she made a few jokes that reminded me of her present day characters she plays. All in all though, it was the perfect walk down memory lane and if you have never watched, you need to. I am constantly pausing to google on my phone references they make in their quick pace conversations I was unable to do that in year 2000 and I missed so much! Gilmore Girls is not just a show it’s an education.

I hope you are all enjoying your Monday and are not too tired like me from binge watching. Stop back on Wednesday to hear about how the first half of my birthday week is going and how it feels to be 31!



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