13 Going on 30

This guy FINALLY turns 30 this week and it could not come soon enough! As you know I turned 31 a couple of weeks ago and all I keep hearing about is how he is in his twenties and I’m in my thirties. Actually, I have been hearing it since I turned 30 last year. I keep telling him you become much wiser when you turn the big 3-0 and how hard it has been on me to be so much wiser than him this past year. I am looking forward to him joining me in the thirties and so I had to plan a night out for us.

My first thoughts were that we should watch the movie “13 going on 30” in our pj’s but then I remembered he is man and that probably would only be fun for me. We needed to eat and Jordan loves burgers, his new favorite are the “create your own burger” at Macdonalds, so our first stop was for burgers.

Our Second stop was a spot I found out about a couple months ago. A barcade! It is called Eighty Three Bar Arcade and it is located on Princess st. in uptown Saint John. Ladies, this is a man’s dream come to life. It has a ton of arcade games (free to play with a purchase of a drink) and then in the back room it has an old school Nintendo and Atari set up. Our city has some really hot spots that have opened up and this is one of them.

I could take or leave video games. They are just not my thing, but even I had a really good time. I sort of became addicted to the Miss Pacman game. I am actually good at it and didn’t realize until we left how much noise I made while playing it. Apparently I was saying things like “muahahahaaa” and “I’ll get you” and basically getting super into it and forgetting I was some place public.

The decor and lighting was really cool and how awesome is this pink tree! They had a big projector on the wall playing 80’s & 90’s music. N*sync, The Jackson 5, and The Spice Girls came on while we were there. It was so fun watching the videos again though. Remember the days of turning on Much Music and watching music videos all day. It is the perfect spot for a guys/gals night out, bachelor party, and to just hang out. No one hogged any of the machines or games and it was a fun friendly atmosphere. If you haven’t checked this place out you need to. I surprised Jordan he had no idea this place even existed and it was the perfect thing to do for his 30th Birthday. They sell gift cards so if you still haven’t found that perfect gift for your hubby trust me and give him and experience he will never forget.

Lastly was cheesecake at the Route 1 Irving. I think I nailed Birthday Date Night, and I may have a couple more things up my sleeve for this week.

It was a busy in a good way weekend. This time of year is go, go, go. Miss Charlie had her preschool Christmas party on Friday and is now finished preschool until the spring. Sunday we had our Christmas program church service “Meet me at the Manger” Miss Charlie sang with her class.┬áIt was adorable! This coming week we are finishing up gymnastics and AWANA until the New Year. I am really looking forward to snowed in days in our PJ’s. There is a lot of hustle and bustle during the holidays but I enjoy it because I make up my mind to. Stay positive and stop back here Wednesday for a sneak peek at a few presents we bought the kids for Christmas. I will be writing all about Christmas gifts. See you then!


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