5 Things that make me Happy!

We made it! We survived our first week back to the grind and lived to tell the story. Jordan is off starting today and I have a hair appointment this afternoon so I am very happy. Here are some other things making me happy:

Number One

As you might remember from my Christmas Gifts post this was one of Mr Simon’s gifts. It was time to get Mr Simon out of my purse. We now take his little book bag with us filled with a change of clothes, a couple diapers, and wipes. It easily hangs on the back of the stroller and it is so nice to have my purse free of baby things. I picked this skiphop fox one here from amazon because I didn’t see it in any of the stores here. Miss Charlie has the Ladybug version and when she went to preschool all the girls had the same bag. This one is so cute and convenient and is making me very happy!

Number Two

This sweater came up on the Old Navy Instagram feed and I knew then I had to have it. I got to the store and of course couldn’t find it as it was not yet available. Weeks later while shopping for Christmas pyjamas there it was, calling my name. Even the cashier that served me said she needed this shirt and was buying it as soon as her shift was done. It is just a cosy, comfy sweater, with the perfect message on the front! If have a love of sweaters and binge watching Netflix all winter long then like me you need this shirt.

Number Three

Speaking of binge watching Netflix series: have you see “The Crown”???  I am loving this show which is based on our Queen Elizabeth II. It is so juicy good and true! The first season is on Netflix now and the rumour is that they plan on doing 6 seasons and covering 10 years each season. The main characters will switch out as they get older. I was looking at comparison photos online and it is insane how much each actor/actress looks like the character they are portraying. Jordan has been enjoying this with me I will be sad when we finish this season and have to wait.

Number Four

We love the snow. Now, come March I will completely deny this. A white January though really makes me happy. The excitement of a storm in my family and extended family really builds us up. The anticipation of the snow or storm is the best part. We should be out stocking up on batteries, candles, and other important things in case of a loss of power or emergency. Instead, we are meeting out at Swiss Chalet just before the storm hits and buying chips, candy, and other treats. Seriously though, I called my Mom just before our last storm hit and asked her if she wanted to go out instead she invited me to eat out with five of her nine sisters and their spouses. Of course I said yes, it was about to storm I needed to be full of chicken and ready.

Number Five

On my Wednesday post I shared and reviewed the last six novels I read. Reading is definitely something that makes me happy! I usually read a fiction and self help book at the same time. This past year I have fell in love with fiction books and the art of getting lost in the story. Self-Help books I usually read a chapter at a time so I can take it all in and reflect a little bit on what I read. This month I just finished “Winter Storms” by Elin Hilderbrand, I am currently reading “Better than Before” by Gretchen Rubin, and “Unglued” by Lysa Terkeurst with my bible study group. My next fiction book will be “The Girls at Mischief Bay” by Susan Mallery. My next self improvement book will be “Grace not Perfection” by Emily Ley. Click any of the above titles and it will take you straight to amazon!

That is all my happy for this week. Unfortunately I am working two shifts this weekend so I will be lounging around reading books and drinking lattes but that is the weekend I hope all of you have! See you back here on Monday!

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  1. I also am really enjoying The Crown, although I haven’t watched all of it, just a few episodes. But the ones I’ve seen I really liked. Claire Foy (who plays the queen) is incredible. .

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