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For the last couple of weeks we have been hitting the library hard. Before that the last time I had taken Miss Charlie to the library was when she was two! At that time we use to borrow movies, books, and go to the story readings. We always went to the city library but at the recommendation of a friend I tried out our local town library. It is fantastic.

The library has a great kids area for all ages. There are activity tables around and on the walls. Even I started to play with this one. Those bead tables are so addictive! Of course shelves and shelves of kids books with an entire section of board books for Mr Simon’s age group.

There is a play area section. It has the amazing big lego blocks so Miss Charlie and I built a fort. There is comfortable seating for the adults and lots of different toys. This section also has a small bathroom change area if you need to do a quick diaper change.

There is even a designated area for story time and puppet shows. Both kids had a blast with the puppets. The first time we went they were putting on a special play time for kids 18mos-4years downstairs in one of their activity rooms. Miss Charlie and Mr Simon sang, danced, and played shop with the leaders and the other children and had a blast.

Did I mention this was all free??? In a day an age where you must pay for absolutely everything this is definitely a bonus. This library is only about a 5 minute drive from our home. It is easy and convenient to get to. On Saturday I encouraged Jordan to take Miss Charlie to their drop in builders club. They had a ton of lego set out where the kids could come and create. I thought this was the perfect daddy/daughter activity and I was right; they had a blast. We will definitely keep going and I look forward to taking Mr Simon next year while Miss Charlie is in school. Right now Mr Simon is 14mos and it is age appropriate for even him. I am always hard pressed to find activities for both a four year old and a one year old and this is perfect.

Do you frequent your local library? What do you enjoy about it? I love taking my kids to teachable places and at our library we have been learning to take off and put on our clothes independently, proper way to use an elevator, how to play quieter and easily with others, and practice our manners. Hopefully this will help us out in the future when we go on our other adventures sometimes to places that are not so kid friendly. If you have not been to your local library I encourage you to check it out this week I have a feeling you will not be disappointed. See you back here on Wednesday!

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