1 Sweater 3 Ways to Wear

While spending way too much of my time on Pinterest last week I came across a pin with a girl wearing a leopard sweater under a pale pink coat. I loved the look of it! I already owned the pink coat( H&M $40) and I had spotted this leopard sweater at H&M. When I got a chance to go to the mall I headed to H&M and started hunting for it. Finally, I found it towards the front of the store and on sale for $10! As you can imagine I was delighted!

My pale pink and leopard dreams came true. The photo I pinned is on my “My Style:Winter Wonderland” board. Click here to follow me and check it out. I added my dark skinny jeans and short glossy hunter boots to the mix and my outfit was created. Do you get clothing inspired on pinterest?

My sweater was on super sale (and still is) but when making any purchase I like to think up other ways to wear what I am buying. If not, I find I won’t wear it again or very often. This combo of leopard and plaid was also Pinterest-inspired. I fell in love with this mixture of prints when I came across a pin of a girl wearing plaid leggings with leopard booties.

This is a comfy outfit, but I dressed it up with a gold necklace, bangle, and black ankle booties. I love outfits (and weather) that doesn’t require me to wear a jacket. I am usually out and about with both kids, 4 mitts, 2 hats, 2 coats, bags, etc. so not having to worry about putting my jacket on and off is a bonus.

Lastly, my jean blouse, black velvet leggings and favorite necklace. These leggings are so warm and comfy (from Old Navy). I have them in maroon too which would also go great with this outfit.

My favorite necklace is from Old Navy. I bought it a long time ago. I am all about the “happy” as you know, so I love to wear it hoping it reminds others to be happy when they are around me. So far it has worked, and that of course is why it is my favourite!

So run (or maybe drive) to H&M and pick up this sweater! There are way more than just 3 ways to wear it. Get on pinterest and find out for yourself and follow me of course. Again it was only $10 and not pictured is the cute exposed gold zipper up the back to the collar. Hope you enjoyed this Fashion post today and I will see you back here on Wednesday.

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