5 Things that make me Happy

Hello Friday! I have a very busy and fun weekend ahead of me which includes taking Miss Charlie to her first birthday party, a fun canvas and coffee evening at church, and I’m working. I suspect this weekend will fly by! Let’s take some time to get happy right now though.

Number One

Did you check out Monday’s Post? Click here if you haven’t and check it out. I bought this leopard sweater and did 3 ways to wear it. What made me really happy though was the price. I had been eye balling this sweater for weeks but it was $29.99 so I kept passing it up. Last week I found it on the sale rack for $10. Best feeling ever. It is from H&M and there are still plenty left so get there before they are gone.

Number Two

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I posted this last week. Well it was up to Jordan to plan the at home date night and this is what he came up with. Settlers of Catan in the tub. Not pictured was the food and “friends” playing on my iPad. It was super sweet and made me laugh. In reality though it was a hot mess. I will spare you the details but board games and water don’t mix. The man tries though and how can you not love this effort?

Number Three

Speaking of tub time though Gilmore Girls and Bubble Baths mix quite well. While Jordan was working his night shifts over the weekend I had a little R&R. After the kids were in bed I ran a bubble bath, set up Gilmore Girls on my iPad, and put on a mud mask. It was blissful.

Number Four

Mr Simon got his first haircut!!! This has been a long time coming his bangs were in his face and no matter how much I slicked them to the side an hour later they were back in his face. We didn’t get anything major done just trimmed him up and got him use to the place. We took him to Slicksters, the same place Jordan goes to. It is a barber shop and is all manly perfect for my little man. He was so sweet and just sat perched on the chair. My boy likes to be pampered.

Number Five

My Mom made me this tee “Lipstick, Lattes, and Jesus” and I knew it was the perfect one to wear to Sharing Hearts the ladies bible study I attend every Thursday at church. Of course I had a latte in my hand so it was fitting. She has been making these shirts with Javix so cool and fun. I plan on keeping her busy making me all kinds. I already have an order in for matching family ones.

I hope you all have a very happy weekend! I am off to relax before mine gets busy. See you back here on Monday!

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