Painting for a Great Cause

When your friend invites you to paint with her your answer should always be: yes! Especially if it is for a great cause like our local Pregnancy Resource Center. They hosted a really fun Canvas & Coffee night. There was coffee with all the fixings and extras. I had sugar free vanilla syrup in mine and topped it with whip cream and cinnamon. There were also plenty of sweets to be eaten.

As you already know from this previous post I am a huge fan of these canvas painting nights. I mean: you leave with art that you made yourself!

This was my third time doing one of these step by step classes and I would say this was the hardest one I have ever done. I was anxious and sweating. When you start it is so hard to imagine the end result.

The best part is everyone feels the same way…well excluding the instructor. She believed in us. We all arrive so vulnerable feeling. While painting the room is filled with the panic “just wait”, mutterings, and laughter. You get to know the people sitting around you really fast. I am not a painter. I can not draw a straight line and yet I come, learn, create, and leave with a finished painting that I am proud of. No one will ever offer to buy it from me and when I die my paintings will not be auctioned off for big money or at least if they are I’ll never know (it would go to my head anyhow). After I am finished my painting though I get the same look Miss Charlie does when she hands me a pictured she coloured: the “yup that’s right I did that…by myself’ look of satisfaction, and let me tell you it feels even better on the inside.

In the end everyone’s’ painting is beautiful with their own unique touch. Everyone is surprised and happy, myself included. Thank you so much for inviting me Brittany and I hope my painting mutterings were g-rated and that you don’t want to now terminate the friendship, haha. (Seriously though)

Guys, call your bestie because the Pregancy Resourse Center is doing this again! Check out their facebook site here which is where they will be posting details on their next Canvas&Coffee night soon. Spoiler: I got to see the next painting and it is awesome and perfect for spring!

Have a great Monday and I will see you back here on Wednesday!

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