Curly Hair Don’t Care

If you have curly hair you are probably feeling like this:

If your hair is stick straight and curls aren’t your thing, you are probably feeling like this: …and may want to come back on Friday.

Alright my curly haired friends let’s discuss curls! My curly hair tale started at age 12. I was born with straight hair. My hair was as straight as Miss Charlie’s until I hit puberty and then the frizz set in. My hair turned coarse and frizzy so I brushed it(ugh), and wore it up every single day. I hated my hair. Fast forward to grade nine: a girl in my class that previously had a perm had her hair chemically straightened at the hair salon. I immediately went home and begged my Mom to get it done. My hair was so hideous that she gave in and shelled out $200 so I could have beautiful, shiny, straight hair. Boys (no… a boy) complimented me(not even one that I liked) but it went straight to my head. I was now a swan(previously an ugly duckling) it was my time to shine. A short two days later I washed my hair and it had even more frizz and was now super dry from the treatment. Many tears were shed!

When I was fifteen my then hairdresser told me my hair was curly, cut it in layers, and added gel and voila I had curls. Since then I have had super long curls and more recently as you have seen super short curls.

I wash it every 2nd-3rd day the above picture is my second day curls not so springy on day 2 but manage able. Now for the most important part of this entire post…the products I use!

I have been using DevaCurl products since last Summer and have noticed a huge differance in my curls; so much so that I have been getting lots of hair compliments since changing up my styling products. I use the No Poo, One Condition, Super Cream, and Ultra Defining Gel. If you have curly hair I highly recommend these products. I first tried out the travel pack and have never gone back. To purchase your own travel pack click here or click here which will take you Sephora to browse all their products.

I use the No Poo and One Condition in the shower when I get out I add a dime size amount of super cream and scrunch out the water with micro fibre towel(found at the dollarama) then add in the gel and dry it with the diffuser. I NEVER know how it will turn out. I just work with what I have when I am finished. If it is humid or raining I am all frizz. Such is the life of a curly haired gal.

This was just a great pic. of the back. It is not often that I get to see what is going on back there, haha. My days of wishing for smooth straight hair are over. I am happy with the mop I have and now spend my time researching how I can make it look it’s best. All curly hair is so different so what works for one curly gal does not work for another.

I no longer straighten it unless my hairstylist does for me at an appointment. I don’t add curls with the curling iron(mostly because I don’t have time to be picky), I just go with however it turns out. I don’t consider myself a laid back person but when it comes to my hair I am. I think my stylist would agree as I am often telling her “do what you think is best” and I am always happy when I leave. If you have any curly hair tips or questions please leave them in the comments. Us girls with curls have to stick together!

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