5 Things that Make Me HAPPY

Wow, what a busy week! I am glad this one is behind me. I am ready for everything to calm down. This month has only 28 days in it. I know will go in super fast and then we have March Break, which for us means a week break from some of our extracurricular commitments. Any little break helps though. Am I right!? Among the busy of this week I still managed to find a lot to be happy about.

Number One

This gal was invited to her best friend’s birthday and was so excited. I took this pic on the way. We went over how to act at a party (don’t open the friend’s gifts, say please and thank you, etc.). She was such a good girl and sat right next to her friend while she opened gifts and didn’t swipe anything. Jordan and I watched like hawks from a safe distance. She was also very good about leaving when it was time. All in all she just made us both so proud. We were very happy parents!

Number Two

Last week after Jordan dropped Miss Charlie off at Cubbies, he picked us up this pizza from Pomodori’s. They make it when you get there in a brick oven. Their pizzas are so yum! Click here to check out their menu! It was also great to have a little mini date night with my Man as Mr Simon was asleep. When you are a parent you need to use any time alone wisely and spicy pizza and a good chat was time well spent for this couple.

Number Three

If you follow me on Instagram then you noticed I posted myself wearing this top. It is by a great company that just wants everyone to be kind to one another. Wearing it helps to remind yourself during the day to hold open doors, use your manners, and keep that road rage at bay. It really works. They are on sale right now at Pseudio this one was only $10.50 so run there and get one for yourself and #behuman.

Number Four

I love my apple watch and could sing praises about it all. day. long. At some point I may even dedicate an entire post about it. Right now though what is making me happy about it is the Minnie Mouse Face. When you tap it Minnie Mouse tells you the time in her voice. My kids are loving this and I have been seriously annoying Jordan with this feature. It is just so cute and fun!

Number Five

If you read Wednesdays post then you already know why these products are making me happy if not click here. DevaCurl has been making me very happy. I have not tried all their products but I consistently use: No Poo, One Condition, Super Cream, and Ultra Defining Gel. Since starting to use these products last Summer I have received so many hair compliments. What makes me really happy though is how healthy my hair feels. These products are worth every penny if you are a curly haired gal like myself.

That is my 5 for this week and honestly I feel like I could have easily given you 10! What is making you happy today, please share. Have a great weekend and I will see you back here on Monday!

One thought on “5 Things that Make Me HAPPY

  1. How cute is your girl? I’m so glad she was so good and had such a lovely time at the party. Also, you need to take me to that pizza place in SJ next time I come.

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