A Day at the Museum

This picture sums up our afternoon at the Museum perfectly. Some of us were bored while the history buffs and the ones that like to run were enjoying themselves. The NB museum is free this entire month on Thursdays and Sundays so we decided to check it out this past Sunday with my parents. Museums don’t appeal to all of us but it was great family time spent and I think we all had fun even if some of us were just making fun…I encourage you to go and check it out.

The men are acting like they are seriously into the history here but lets be real: they found the only flat screen in the place and were immediately drawn to it. Like flies drawn to the light. We actually had to coax them from this spot. I am almost certain the same 2 minute video plays on loop…and they were staring at it for a lot longer than 2 minutes!

This is not our first picture pinching this guys bum. It has become a tradition. This part of the museum is about ship building but I walk in each time and just see a bum. If you do visit the museum this month please take a picture pinching this bum and tag me in it, haha.

This is my favourite part I think, because I grew up by the beach where the whale washed up and you can read about it in here. Miss Charlie wanted and did touch EVERYTHING. We apparently broke every rule in the Museum (which includes taking pictures); however we did not come home with anything. I frisked both kids twice before we left.

She will never sleep alone in her own bed again…

Some us found our long lost twins at the Museum. If you are not into the History at the very least go to find your twin or look at the great artwork.

We always start from the bottom and work our way up. The top (third) floor has a play room for kids. I sneak my kids past this room and always save it for the very end. Once they get in here they do not want to leave; well, except for this guy who kept running out trying his best to get to the stairs. He thinks the word “no” is funny and means “run faster”. Trouble with a capital “T” and this is why God made him extra cute.

That ends our trip to the NB Museum. After this we headed to Pizza Hut and stuffed our faces with pizza. It was a great way to spend the afternoon with the family. It was chaos, crazy, and fun: just the way I like it. See you back here Friday for some Happy!

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