A Hip Hop

I have been waiting and waiting to decorate for Easter and then it just kind of snuck up on me. It is now only two weeks away! I kept myself from buying anything new because I remembered packing Easter decor away last year so I must have all kinds right!? Wrong! I only had a couple of things when I went to get it all out yesterday but we made do. I will definitely be heading to Michael’s this week to pick up more! I also need to get fresh tulips because they just scream spring. (hint hint Jordan)

I am standing and giving myself a slow clap for this picture right here. Anyone that knows me well or has decorated with me before knows I am a control freak. The only kind of help I like is the unspoken kind. As in: do exactly as I say. I know, I sound like a real gem. So when Miss Charlie asked is she could “please, please, please help” I ┬áhad to fight against every fiber of my being to include her. I love to make each and every holiday special but I also realize part of the fun is the decorating and why wouldn’t I want to pass that along to her? Baby steps. I let her do the flowers on the chalkboard.

I included her and we both had fun. Remember my word for this year? Open. Well, I am staying true to it. Let me tell you it has not been easy but so far it has been very rewarding. This is a great example of that. Hopefully by the end of this year I will be a little less uptight and a lot more naturally open.

When taking out my Easter decor, I found our resurrection eggs. My Mother-in-law passed these down to our family last Easter. The twelve eggs contain little symbols to help tell the story of Easter. We open an egg a night and discuss the object inside leading up to Easter Day. When we celebrate a holiday here we do it all: the real, the pretend, and the fun. This is how I grew up and it was never confusing for me. We talk about Jesus every. single. day. and pray together each night. I do completely understand those parents that want to leave out the bunny though. I get it. As Christian parents on these type subjects I think we need to show grace towards one another’s opinions. (This is my opinion, of course). It’s okay for our families to do things differently and it should never affect a friendship. I love hearing about how my friends do their holidays. Growing up we ate all our candy and chocolate for breakfast(and took a purse full to church). It was awesome. However, I do not plan on doing that with my kids. It is okay to do things differently than your neighbors. Someday our children will come together and create their own unique household when they marry. Our differences really are a beautiful thing. Take a deep breath and let’s move on.

Just a couple of bunnies eating our carrots. She ate her entire carrot because she was being a bunny! #momwin

I am heading to catch up on all the chores I have been putting off since the beginning of the week (laundry, dusting, etc.). Do I have any fellow spring cleaners out there? I will be starting that this week too. If the kids allow it, of course. #ambitious

See you back here on FRIDAY and we will get HAPPY before the weekend!

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  1. I always love how you have decorations for all the holidays – so festive and fun, and I know it will mean happy memories for your sweet kiddos!

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