5 Things that make me HAPPY

I had such a great week! The bummer was that it seemed to go by so fast. Tonight I work all night but let’s not focus on that now; instead let’s embrace the happy. Here is my list for this week:

Number One

This week we embraced the weather! At the first of the week we splashed in puddles in our rain boots. This boy trucking along in his a little bit too big rain boots is the cutest thing ever. He loved the puddles. This age, when everything is new makes me so happy. Seeing everything through his eyes for the first time is magical. It makes the simple things life has to offer like puddle jumping so much more fun. Mamas let your kids get outside and get dirty. The clean up is a task on it’s own but nothing is better to a child than splashing in a mucky puddle.

Number Two

The Maritimes in the spring. One minute you’re splashing in puddles the next you are playing in a foot of snow. By the end of the week we had to embrace the weather again which was…snow. Every snowfall we silently pray “let this be the last one” as we yearn for warmer days. On this day though we let go of all those unwanted snow feelings and instead treated it like it WAS the last snowfall of the season. We went sliding and built a snowman. It was a blast!

Number Three

Speaking of warmer days and summer weather, we started to plan our summer vacation this week! This is actually a picture of a really cute tee I bought from Ardene’s. It went along perfect with our summer vaca plans which I am not revealing just yet. Buying this made me really happy knowing there are fun days to be had in the near future. The perfect way to get rid of the spring snow blues is planning your summer fun.

Number Four

I came across this necklace at Pseudio a few weeks back and fell in love. The other day I went back and it was on sale for $12.95! So of course I bought it and am currently wearing it. There is also a silver “Wifey” version that I may need to go back for although it was a little more money but also on sale. This necklace has a simple, elegant look that I just love but it will also keep all those men at bay that are constantly hounding me for my number. “I’m a Mrs, okay!? Back off!” They must really dig the “mom tights” and the Costco cart filled with two kids and the extra large box of diapers. What can I say? I need my jewellery to speak for me.

Number Five

I FINALLY got to Starbucks this week and got my drink in their new spring cups. This made me really happy. If you have been reading my blog for any amount time you now know: a) I love Starbucks and b) I love a theme. I will buy twice as many lattes this season because of these cute cups. I know it is crazy but it is true. It also lit up my life that this cup is in my signature colour. I talked about my signature colour way way back, but google it if you need to. “Gretchen Rubin signature color” I promise each time you see your color it will instantly make you happier.

I could have rambled on with five more things for this week but I will end it here. I am currently anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Fabfitfun Box and hoping I can blog about it next week. To see my Fall Box click here. To see my Winter Box click here and to order your own Spring box(with a percentage off) click here! Have a great weekend!

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