Book Nerd 2017 Part 2

I am fully aware that not everyone gets this excited about my book reviews, but I am and that is what counts, right!? I am happily patting myself on the back right now because I am halfway through my reading challenge. I have read 8 out of my goal of 16 books so far this year! Do you follow me on goodreads? If not click here. If you do not have an account I highly suggest getting one. Trust me when I say if I have the time to read so do you! #priorities

Back in the day I would only read if I had an hour. I NEVER have an hour! Now I read if I have five minutes, if I am waiting for anything, and during the kids screen time in the mornings. I stopped worrying about how much time I had to read and instead just keep my book with me at all times. Here are the books I have been reading as of lately:

This was my first Jennifer Weiner book and I was disappointed. I gave it two stars. It bothered me how she portrayed stay at homes Mom’s in her book. It really got under my skin. The main character was not someone I was rooting for. The ending seemed rushed after everything being drawn out. I had high hopes but finding the main character unlikable was hard for me to move past. It will take a ton of great reviews to get me to pick up another Jennifer Weiner book. Please weigh in if you have read any of her books and really liked them.

I read another Susan Mallery book! This book, “The Friends we Keep” is the second book in the Mischief Bay series. Check out “Book Nerd Part 1” to read my review on her first book in the series “The Girls of Mischief Bay”. We carry on with one main character from the first book and two newer characters. Her books always seemed to be based on 3 main characters who are very different and yet intertwined somehow. In this book they are three friends. I really enjoy the roller coaster ride Susan Mallery takes you on in these books and then how she ties it together in the end. I gave this book 4 stars and I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

Oh my goodness! This book was so good, thrilling, and scary! Is there a movie coming out for this book??? Please tell me yes! I loved “The Women in Cabin 10” by Ruth Ware. I read this book so fast. The intro though, Ruth draws you in immediately from page one. I gave this 5 stars….FIVE! That means go buy and read this. Even if it is not the usual genre you read just trust me and do it. I am not saying anymore because I do not want to give anything away.

I read “Uninvited” by Lisa Terkeurst with my Bible Study group at church. This woman has a great grasp on life but is also very real in this book. I loved her personal examples and she made me feel not alone with my many raw emotions. I really enjoyed the read and gave it 4 stars but I am not sure if it actually helped me. In one part she discusses being honest and kind when you are deeply offended. I have such a difficult time letting people know when they have hurt me. I live in fear that if I am honest with them they will be mad or not like me. So instead I do what she calls “stuffing” only time will tell if this book has truly made a difference in me. Reading it as a Bible Study group was awesome though and I highly suggest reading her books with a group or a friend so you can discuss it. My best friend and I are currently reading another book by her “Uninvited” together.

I just finished “Scrappy Little Nobody” by Anna Kendrick and I gave it three stars. I will say that she writes well. I was interested in her book because she is a funny, quirky celeb that is from the state I visit most often Maine; Portland to be exact. I was super interested in how she became famous. It was a funny read I laughed out loud a few times but also found some parts dulls. There was an entire chapter on parties she would like to throw and it was very detailed. I will admit I wanted the dirt. I wanted inside info on the cast of “Pitch Perfect” and sneaky details about her time filming on “Twilight”. There was nothing. No dirt. So I was a bit disappointed.

That is all for Part 2 of my books read so far this year! If you are truly not a reader check out this way you could listen to books. I also listen to books and podcasts. It is great way to spend your time in the car or when you have chores. Happy Reading and come back here on Wednesday for my Spring Fabfitfun box review. It is the best box I have gotten so far! To order your own(and get a discount) click HERE.

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  1. You made it through a Jennifer Weiner book – oh man. I cannot recommend them any more than you do here, not a favourite of mine at all.

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