Sleep Blogging

Can someone please hand me an ice latte??? This morning I am not sleep walking I am sleep blogging! What a weekend! Right now I am headed to LaLa land as I worked all night last night and am exhausted but could one of you kind readers please inform Jordan that I need a skinny vanilla iced latte handed to me around 12:30pm to wake me up. Mondays are the day I do the bulk of the cleaning around the house and I am going to need me some caffeine to perk up and get it done this afternoon.

Friday morning I had a play date planned for weeks with a good friend and her kiddos. There was no school so we decided to take advantage and get together. It was beautiful out and the kids had a blast. I don’t have pictures of them because six kids versus two adults means no time for pictures, haha. I love play dates because they exhaust my kids and mean a quiet relaxing afternoon for Moi. As Moms we get interrupted a 100+ times by the kids which makes it difficult to talk luckily my friend and I got out last week by ourselves for some one on one time.

I was excited for a rainy Saturday because Friday night I worked all night. As a shift worker there is nothing better than sleeping during stormy weather. I really dislike missing out on any sunshine so I was happy for the rain! When I woke up I started a new book. As you now by now: I love celeb biographies. I picked this one up at Indigo for $5 a couple weeks ago and was so excited to start reading it. Rainy days to me means comfy clothes and a great book.


Late afternoon on Saturday we all got out for a little shop. The real reason we went out though? Half price Frappes at Starbucks, haha. When we got home we all went down to our neigh-bour’s barn to feed and say goodnight to the horses. The kids love the horses next door and they are so sweet and gentle with them. Sunday flew by like a blink of the eye. I tried to slow down that evening to get some rest┬ábefore going into work that night. I did get a little thankfully.

That was our weekend in a nutshell and now you can see why I am currently sleep blogging. Hope you have a wonderful Monday I am off to get some shut eye. On Wednesday I will be doing a special DIY post check back then to see what I have been crafting.

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