DIY Fun Summer Tops

Today I have a VERY simple DIY for you to try! I spotted some super cute cardigans, tees, jeans, jackets, and sweaters plastered with patches on one of my favourite sites, Forever 21, and decided instead of buying why not try to make my own? My Mom will be so proud! First I headed to Old Navy and used my super cash to purchase 1 cardigan and 2 tees for $15 and than I headed to Michaels craft store to browse their iron on patches.

I found a few patches for me and the ones above I am going to put on tees for Miss Charlie and Mr Simon. Mr Simon will be the “PB” and Miss Charlie will be the “Jam”. The patches were about $3.99 each.

Now for the easy part: you stick it where you want it and iron it and voila you have a unique item of clothing. I bought thread to sew the perimeter of the patches, but I couldn’t push the needle the whole way throughbut it stuck on so great I didn’t bother. I fell in love with the emoji latte/coffee cup patch I may need to add this to all my tops.

Here are the 2 T-shirts with my patches set on them. Before sticking the patch on, I suggest trying the top on first so you can see exactly where you want it because once it is on there even without the iron it is stuck. Next up I may try a jean jacket and I think I’ll head to Value Village for that purchase. This would be a really fun easy project to do with preteens. Going out to get the tops and finding the perfect patches to apply could be part of the fun too. Also its a great Birthday Party craft that is easy and fun and each girl would leave with a cute party favour to take home and wear after.

I am off to find more clothes to apply patches to. Hope you are all having a great week and I will see you back here on Friday for a whole lot of HAPPY!



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