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Being a Boy Mom is so much fun! I love being a Gal and all things girly but I also have another side of me that is okay with getting dirt under my nails. Mr Simon totally appeals that side of me and I love having little adventures with him. Both of our children are full on energy all. day. long. In that regard, I do not find much of a difference between my son and daughter.

There are differences, though, like this one: Mr Simon at 19mos is successfully climbing the ladder of our playground and going down the slide by himself. Miss Charlie was active this way too at this age BUT if she hurt herself on the way up or came down the slide too hard there would be tears. This boy has bonked his head on the ladder, hung by one arm(I am always close by to catch), and come barrelling down the slide. The only tears is when I try to take him inside. He will go up the ladder and down the slide 1000 x in a row. He is desperately trying to land on his feet at the bottom but never does and he needs no encouragement and does not want any help.

This Boy gets carted to everything and is always on the sidelines watching. #secondchildproblems

So instead of taking him to watch Miss Charlie at Gymnastics yesterday afternoon we opted to stay home. We played outside and I took him to our neighbours to see the horses. He was delighted to be there solo with Mommy. I have a feeling if he could string together a full sentence he definitely would have blabbed to Miss Charlie as soon as she returned. I think he tried but thankfully it came out as nonsense and she was none the wiser that a horsey visit had been had without her. We gave them all a pat, pointed, and said “neigh” very loud a lot. He is still fearful of the horses but absolutely loves them at the same time.

Our neighbor was in the field on the tractor and Mr Simon could have stood there and watched all day. I love getting one on one time with my kids even if it is only an hour. It was such a beautiful day yesterday which has me so excited for long hot Summer days ahead. Lots of fun adventures await.

I worked all night so I am off to bed! Enjoy your Wednesday and I will see you back here on Friday for my 5 Things that make me Happy post.

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