5 Things that make me Happy

I had a really great week I hope you all did too! The week started out exhausting I worked Monday and Tuesday nights but now I have those shifts finished and it was for a good cause because it means I get a bunch of days off in a row next week and a mini galcation. Fun things ahead but for now let’s focus on the happy from this week!

Number One

It is official the warmer weather is here! I have switched my favourite hot beverage to iced! The skinny vanilla iced latte is what will get me through the hot days in the Summer. Give me all the cold coffee drinks and I will be happy!

Number Two

Warmer weather also means we will be going camping soon! I have been stocking up on all the essentials. I found this cute hat and perfect for camping and s’more socks at American Eagle. My natural curls will be crazy while camping so I know I will be thankful for a hat to cover them! Bring on the campfires, sleeping under the stars, and s’mores this gal is ready!

Number Three

There is nothing that makes me happier than a good horse hug! It is not just the kids that enjoy going to see the horses next door I also really enjoy it. Rick and I are the same age so we have a special bond or so I like to believe. He is also the first horse I have ever been on. Visiting him is the highlight of my day and trust me when I say we visit the horses next door almost every day.

Number Four

Miss Charlie is obsessed with dresses right now and that is why I love these printed jumpers from H&M. We pair them with legging shorts so that she can run, jump, and play. The best part of these cute dresses is they are super cheap! Not to mention they come in the sweetest prints. She will be wearing these all Summer long!

Number Five

Last but not least I started my Friendship Small group Wednesday night and it was a blast. The guide “Taking it all Off” is by Stephanie May Wilson and perfect for starting relationships with a group of girls that you want to make your forever friends. If you would like to start your own small group or learn more about it click HERE. I was so nervous about leading but the book makes it super easy and I am so glad I invited these gals into my home. We all go to church together and are Mom’s it is going to be so much fun getting to know these women on a deeper level.

That is it for my Happy this week. I am typing this on Thursday evening and right now I am off to a girl date to see fireworks uptown. So obviously I am really HAPPY. Hope you all have a wonderful LONG weekend!

One thought on “5 Things that make me Happy

  1. I LOVE that picture of you and RIck! I burst out laughing about you guys having a special bond due to being the same age. You are a nut. So cute! I would love a horse hug – I guess it’s about time I pop over and meet the infamous Sunny, Zola and of course, Rick!

    I was so excited for you to start your women’s group and I am SO THRILLED that it has been such a success. I am so proud of you and the kind, compassionate, warm-hearted leader you have shown yourself to be! xoxoxoxo

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