Long Weekend Vibes

I am writing all about our long Victoria Day weekend today. I took off Monday from blogging and it was a much needed break. Jordan and I both worked on the weekend but we managed to fit in some family time which was great.

I decided to be brave on Saturday and take on two more kiddos(my nephews). We went on a little hike to the soccer field where we had a picnic. Soccer fields are the equivalent of a dog park for kids. A wide open fenced in space it is perfect! They ran, played soccer, and we had race competitions. All were geared to tire them out. It worked and it was very quiet van ride on the way home as they all stared out the windows with “duh” faces.

The Q-plex is one of our favourite trails to hike. Not only is it beautiful the entire way but it also perfect for strollers. The last time we went, I let Mr Simon walk so I was a little afraid he would refuse the stroller ride but he was more than content to relax and be strolled around. He was also pretty active that morning before we left the house. The kids had a blast and I had a latte so all was good!

Saturday night we had a bon fire at a friends house. It was the first one of the year and Mr Simon’s first one ever. This kid did not stop moving the entire time we were there and he normally has a 6pm bedtime. He powered through though and is going to be a great little camper when we go this summer.

We ate s’mores watched one leftover firework and didn’t end up home until after 11pm. It was long weekend perfection. Sunday we were dead tired and I had to work that night so we were very lazy. We skipped church slept in and wore pj’s all morning. That afternoon we picked flowers and the kids jumped in the bouncy castle. It was a very low key day.

On Sunday night I headed to work for a time and half shift which was nice. So Monday morning I came home and slept. When I got up I decided to catch up on some chores. It was so nice to have an extra catch up day added to the weekend! We bought new twin beds and mattresses for the kids rooms from Ikea so we cut up Miss Charlies old double mattresses to put out for the garbage clean up week. This week I will be cleaning her room out and setting up her new bed. For now though she has been sleeping with me and the girl sleeps side ways in bed so her feet push me all night. She has already announced she thinks she will sleep in our room from now on so I guess I better get that bed together pronto!

Hope you all had a great long weekend and that this short week is treating you alright. See you back here on Friday for some happiness!

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