5 Things that make me Happy

As you read this post I am headed out of town on a “galcation” with my BFF! Right about now I am sipping on an iced latte and listening to my favourite podcast as I cruise alone or better yet maybe I am listening to silence!!! We will be eating out at fancy restaurants, getting makeovers, and a goodnight sleep in a hotel bed! My instgram will probably be exploding today don’t hate me guys I need to take full advantage of this girl time. Mama’s if you don’t do this already; take a night away with your best girl(s). I will come back refreshed and be a better Mom and Wife for it.

Number One

Last Thursday one of my girlfriends and I went uptown for supper and to see fireworks. We both felt a tad guilty for not bring our kids but it was so much fun to just sit, relax, and watch. Uptown Saint John put on a fab display of fireworks which has me even more excited for Canada Day!If you missed these make sure you make it uptown for the Canada Day ones and this spot was perfect for watching as we were also able to sit down which was bonus because they put on quite a long show.

Number Two

Speaking of food have you been to Britt’s Pub??? If not go NOW! I order the Chicken Lime Taco and Spinach Salad. It was so delicious. The salad was amazing they sliced and grilled apple on the top. It was all so yummy looking at this picture makes me want to go back this second. My friend ordered the fish taco with the same salad and she loved hers as well. Good food, good talk, and a good friend is the perfect combo!

Number Three

We signed Miss Charlie up for Soccer again this year. She loves it and has so much fun running around with the other kids. This year for her age group it is twice a week so a bigger commitment for us but it really is the perfect way to end the day she always comes home happy and exhausted. I was so happy her cleats fit again this year. I didn’t need to buy anything! Her cleats were second hand but were like new when I bought them for $8 I highly suggest checking out some used stores (Value Village or Once Upon a Child) if you need cleats for your preschooler. Socks and shin pads were very inexpensive and found at Walmart last year. As far as the equipment needed to play this is the best summer sport!

Number Four

This boy outside!!! Mr Simon is always on an adventure. It is going to be a very busy summer with him running around outside. I love watching him discover though and putting those filthy toes in the bath each night. As I have said before on here playing outside with my kids and going on hikes is my absolute favourite. I love that both my kids enjoy being outdoors and I hope that does not change with age.

Number Five

I have such a difficult time quitting on a book. I will usually rough it out until the end. This time, however it made me very happy to give it up 83 pages in. I can now honestly say I am not a fan of Lena Dunham. She definately has the talent to write but I did not enjoy the way this book was written, the style, her as a person, or the footnotes. I felt like this book was all over the place and I just couldn’t grasp it or her. I decided I was done trying to read it and am now passing it along to my BFF who has been warned. I happily moved on to a fiction book.

That is it for my happy this week I hope you enjoy your weekend I know I am going to enjoy mine!!! See you back here on Monday where I will share all about my weekend adventures.

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