Every Mom Needs a Wife

I am currently reading Amy Poehler’s book “Yes Please”. In it one of her chapters is called “Every Mother needs a Wife”. She says “every mother needs a wife who takes care of her and helps her become a better Mother”. I am so blessed to have many “wives” in my life and Brittany is definitely one of them. She understands what it means to not be “on” all the time and I could confess my worst Mom moments and I know she would answer ” you are such a great Mom, Holly”. Which is exactly what I need to hear. The “mom guilt” force is strong and as Moms, we all need someone to tell us it’s okay when we just fed our kids Kraft dinner for the third night in row because we just couldn’t adult by 5pm.

Last week we met up with kids in tow for a beach afternoon. The kids played in the water and we actually got to talk which is not always possible when you are out numbered by kiddos five to two. Getting out as Mom’s with all the kids can be challenging at times. Since both our hubbies work shift work and are gone for 12hr days, we are both very use to doing the parenting thing independently. You are basically a single parent for those 4/5 days that the guys are working. It is so nice to have a friend that understands that challenge.

Our daughters are two of a kind. They were happily swimming in the water, then we blinked and they were headed for the floating warf. I yelled and of course they didn’t hear. One of the older girls on the warf happily helped them up so they could jump off. Just before we were about to do rock, paper, scissors for which Mom was swimming out to bring them back, I noticed two preteen boys swimming near by and asked them to go out and send the girls back to shore. The pic is of them happily swimming back. I should note there was a life guard on duty and they were both wearing flotation devices, but we definitely didn’t want them that far from us in the deeper water. They now both know that they are not allowed to swim out to the wharf. I probably owe those preteen boys an ice cream as they saved us both from the cold water. We both stayed calmed, solved the issue, and both girls were back in no time. Now we both know not to assume two little girls can’t swim all the way to the wharf. Secretly I am pretty proud of them but don’t worry, I kept my “Mom face” on.

After swimming, we both used the nearby playground as a ploy to get the kids out of wet suits and into dry clothes. It worked and we were able to get all the kids dry, our stuff packed up, and then hit the playground.

I may have played a little too, for as long as the kids would let me. I love the swings always have and was determined to touch the sun with my foot. Almost killed myself, trying to swing and take a picture with my phone. I am pretty sure all the kids think I am crazy.

It was a great afternoon with my Wife! We headed home just in time for supper. The kids were exhausted after playing with their friends and both went to bed hard and fast that night. Being a Mother can be very lonely at times. There are days Jordan gets home at night and I have not talked to another adult all day. Getting out and doing things with other Mom’s is a must to survive in the parenting world. I highly suggest making the time for it. Worst case scenario: the kids are crazy and you barely get to talk to the other person, but even then the kids always come home tired and to me that is still a win.

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  1. I am so glad you have another mum in SJ to support you and help you through when you are discouraged by parenting, but also be with you in fun moments and allow your children to develop friendships and make memories (such as swimming out to the wharf! holy smokes!). Such a blessing for you and I couldn’t be more pleased!

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