5 Things that make me Happy

This week I have been on my own. Jordan worked and then left for a five day hike with a friend on the Fundy Footpath. I was happy to send him on his way and give him a break. He really deserved one. I could really use a spa day about now though. Lets focus on the Happy:

Number One

I have been trying very hard to buy coffee out less. Let me tell you, it was a difficult start. I do love my Starbucks. We have an espresso machine though, so I decided to put it to good use perfecting some of my favorite drinks. Lately, I have been making iced mochas and putting them in my tumbler so I can take them with me to swimming, soccer, and all of my other outings. I still treat myself to Starbucks and Second cup but have cut back big time. Now I just need to train Charlie up so that I don’t need to make them myself!

Number Two

These two watching their morning cartoons. I came up to join them with my morning latte and found them like this. Yes, they fight and whine about each other but they really do love each other. They definately have a brother/sister bond and I just love that. These two will have each others back for the rest of their lives.

Number Three

I am so proud of my biking girl. We brought her bike with us to my parents because they have a very long flat driveway and she is doing so well. She is requesting a bell and a basket for her bike and I think we are going to need to make that happen. It is hard to have to put your stuffed animals on your back to go for a ride, haha. She has been much more independant this past week and has even gotten back on after a little fall. That’s my girl!

Number Four

I got to preview this devotional by Stephanie May Wilson and it was sooo good. This girl has a way with words and a way to just touch your heart and fill you up with all kinds of goodness. These books are selling out fast. My own copy is on its way and I can’t wait to dive in. To order your own click HERE.

Number Five

I have been spending lots of extra one on one time with this gal; especially in the evenings after her brother is in bed. Everyday she lists off who she is loving. It is usually the people she seen the day before. We’ve been having ALL kinds of girly chats and as much as I NEVER want her to grow up. The conversations we are able to have at this age are so nice. Right now she is telling me EVERYTHING. I know this will change so I am going to cherish every moment of it right now.

That is it for my Happy today. Please share what is making you happy this week in the comments below!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

One thought on “5 Things that make me Happy

  1. You and dear Charlie look so sweet in that photo. I think you are right to cherish every moment! If you listen to what she tells you as a little one, I think the habit may just surprise you by sticking around as she gets older. So proud of how wonderful a mama you are.

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