All By Myself…Don’t Want To Be…

Jordan headed off on his annual Fundy Footpath hike this past week. He has been doing this hike for the past four years and loves it. I love that this is how he takes his break from us. I completely support him in going. There are rules when a spouse is away and the number one rule is not to complain when they call or text. I am not going to lie, at one point I was drowning ready to wave the white flag and still managed to whisper “it is all good have fun”. Sometimes kids are hard work but the person having their much needed break does not need to be reminded of that fact while they are away. When they arrive home, however, you can spill, it makes them appreciate you more.

…And then their were three! Hats off to single parents. It is tough doing this kid thing without a significant other. I am very use to having the kids while Jordan is working but he comes home at the end of the day or night. Not having another adult to speak to at the end of the day is tough. Can you tell I missed him!?

I am very blessed to have wonderful friends and family who kept me company while he was away. After we dropped him off in the Fundy Trail I met up to my girlfriend and her kids at the caves in St. Martins. We spent the afternoon on the beach watching our kids get soaked and muddy. Afterwards we all put on fresh clean clothes and headed to the Seafood Restaurant where I enjoyed a plate of fish and chips. I timed my day out perfectly and took the scenic route back home so that we would get home at bedtime. #survival

It was extremely hot this past week so we did all kinds of different things to cool down. They included swimming in my Mom’s pool and getting ice cream. The hot weather also brought thunderstorms. Two of three nights that Jordan was gone we had major storms. I am terrified of thunder and lightning. Let me tell you, lots of prayers were said during those two nights. Thankfully the kids both slept through the thunder but both woke up at different times in the night and morning which meant I did not sleep very well. I did not hesitate to purchase a latte when I took Miss Charlie to her swimming lesson in the morning. I needed it! #survival

When Jordan called to say they were a couple hours from finishing the trail we all jumped for joy. I fed the kids and packed them up for the drive to Fundy National Park to pick them up. Mr Simon has his nap on the hour and a half drive which worked out perfectly.

I arrived early on purpose so that the kids would have some play time. Fundy national park has the best playgrounds. The kids had a great time especially Miss Charlie on the zipline.

I did not take a picture of the boys coming out of trail. I am not going to lie, it was rough looking and smelly so I thought I would spare you from that picture. We are all so happy to have Daddy back home safely. I am also proud of myself for making it…all by myself.

3 thoughts on “All By Myself…Don’t Want To Be…

  1. Every time I thought of calling to see how you were doing it was supper time or bedtime… glad you all made it!

  2. I am so so so very sorry that my battle with bronchitis kept me from coming over to keep you company! I would have loved a visit but I was still hacking up a lung into the following week and checked back in with my family doctor… it really was the worst.

    I promise I won’t fail you next year! We will have to plan something! I can bring treats and sheet masks and cheesy movies!

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