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Yesterday I received something really awesome in the mail that I just had to share with you! My first ever Hello Fresh box! I have been dying to try out this box since seeing it ALL over social media. My bestie started receiving them and was able to send me a FREE box. I signed up excitedly. A Hello Fresh box is a box subscription filled with 3 meals. These meals include all your ingredients and the recipes to make them.

When I opened the box inside was three little boxes that are labelled. I placed them in my fridge along with the meat and seafood which was at the bottom of the box covered in frozen ice packs. How convenient is that!? I was so impressed with the packaging and every detail added. The cardboard that separated the meat from the veggies had fun kitchen facts on it. Everything was so carefully put together. I am really into details so this made me very happy and it made the box feel special.

Jordan questioned why we needed this type of box and was it worth it. I should add he does not make the meal plans or do the majority of the cooking. So I let him choose our first meal and he picked the “Chicken Milanese”. The “pronto” box for two people which is what we received is $79.99/box. This includes your 3 meals for the week big enough to feed two(my kids are little so it fed all 4 of us) and works out to be $13.33/meal(shipping is free). At those prices getting this box would definitely be considered a treat for our family. I loved my friend’s idea of ordering it for every other week so you pay for it on pay week and receiving it the next week. You can customise your plan and skip any week you want so you could even have it come once a month. Feed the kids Kraft dinner and have a fun date night where you cook this fancy, quick, and easy meal together.

I am not going to lie, I was nervous cooking this meal. I can cook and follow a recipe but this just sounded so fancy and a bit out of my league. Before I began I got everything out that it said I needed and read over the recipe card. In the hello fresh app you can also follow the recipe and it even gives you timers to alert you when to flip the chicken I used this and loved it. I am not “Emeril” in the kitchen there is no “BAM” some of this and “BAM” some of that. I am a rule follower and I follow the recipe exactly. The fact that it gave me the exact portions I needed really made me happy and the recipe even has pictures of the steps to follow.

I got my apron on and just went for it and guess what it was super easy! I have been dying for someone to ask me what I had for supper so I can casually say “Chicken Milanese” in a very refined way. Of course no one has so now I am forced to bring it up in conversations like “when I was eating my Chicken Milanese last night Jordan said the funniest thing…”.

The end result was delicious and Jordan gave it an 8/10. He asked me what dressing I put on the salad and I was so happy to reply “I made it from scratch”. In my mind people that make their dressing from scratch are the “real deal” in the kitchen. I felt proud that everything we were eating was fresh. I am no chef and Jordan compared this to eating in a restaurant and I would have to agree. I served it to the kids too but added raw carrots to their plates and a fruit/veg pouch for Mr Simon. Miss Charlie does not like trying new foods which can be extremely difficult. If she had it her way we would eat spaghetti every night. It took some coaxing and some ketchup but she ended up eating everything but the salad she tried a bite and was not a fan. Our rule is you don’t have to eat it but you must try it and of course there is no second meal. Mr Simon ate his right up and asked for more. I loved it and feel confident enough to buy the ingredients myself and make it again. The “pronto” meals can be made in 30 minutes or less which was ideal to me since the kids do not leave me be for very long when they know I’m making supper.

If you are curious I highly suggest you try out the box for yourself! Click on this code: hollyan and get $50 off your first box. It is definitely an experience even if you just try it for one week and then cancel. I will be cooking up another meal from the box tonight for supper for Jordan and saving my portion for tomorrows lunch as I am heading out for a gals night tonight. #woot

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  1. I am so glad you enjoyed it! I really liked my recipes in my last box (there is one I should send you the recipe for because it was delicious) and I am looking forward to getting my next one tomorrow!

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