5 Things that make me Happy

I am very happy today because we are camping this weekend! This time we are going with friends and I am so excited for all the fun we are going to have! Writing this post each week has been super easy this summer. Each day has been filled to the brim with activities and fun. I won’t keep you waiting let’s get on to the HAPPY!

Number One

As a Mom, figuring out what to cook each night for supper is so hard. Going to the grocery store is another hurtle. Hello Fresh to the rescue! As you know from Wednesday’s post and my instagram account I have been cooking up a storm with the help of Hello Fresh. It has been super easy and fun to cook these meals and I feel so fancy. Thanks to my bestie I got this box for free but I ordered our second box for next week. I’ve had a sneak peek at the menu and I am drooling! I think we will probably end up ordering this either biweekly or once a month. Right now it is new and fun but if I end up having to throw out a meal because I got too lazy to cook it I’ll know it is time to be done. If you would like to try it out with $50 off click here. If you already have a subscription please tell me what you think in the comments below.

Number Two

The playgrounds at Fundy National Park are AWESOME. They make me want to be a kid again. We headed there to pick Jordan up from his hike on the weekend and I took the kids to this playground. Miss Charlie played on the ziplines the entire time while Mr Simon and I watched. We could not have asked for a nicer day and both kids got rid of lots of energy. These playgrounds alone are orth the drive. We need to get back here for another camping trip!

Number Three

To all you Mamas that have kiddos in school in the Fall run do not walk to Winners. They had a huge shipment of sneakers come in. I bought these for Miss Charlie to use as her indoor sneakers. I had no plans on buying footwear until the end of August but with Winners once they’re gone they are gone. So I sized up and went for it. I mean it run there. They had all kinds of sizes boys and girls the racks were FULL but probably not for long. Having another school item checked off my list makes me VERY happy!

Number Four

Speaking of Winners… I found myself new sunglasses there. I scored these Kate Spade sunglasses for $16.99! I wear sunglasses all of the time when I am outside and driving. My eyes are super sensitive to the sun. I am also always forgetting and misplacing sunglasses so I can’t afford to spend money on them. Finding name brand ones for cheap was a double win and they are just so retro and fun.

Number Five

 My Gal is a swimming genius! We are so excited that she can now swim floaty free! She is still a bit of a hott mess in the water but she is getting stronger each day. Last week she passed Level 1 and this week she is in Level 2. We are so proud of her and all the hard work she put into learning.

Well that is all for my happy this week. Now I am off to my camping trip! Have a great weekend folks!

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