Friend Vacay Summer 2017

When a friend suggests family vacation together, just say “YES!” Especially when it is not far away and when it is camping! In the spring all three of us booked campsites side by side at Hart Island RV Resort in Fredericton about an hour and twenty minutes away. At the time we booked I had not yet been camping in our trailer and it was not even renovated. To say I was a little nervous was an understatement. I also had no idea what was in store for that weekend or how all three families would mesh together. I put aside all my nervous feelings and am so glad I did because we just had the best weekend away!

I think it is safe to say we have this camping thing down pat. We now know how we like to set up. We have routines we just automatically follow. On Friday we all arrived in the afternoon and got all set up for a weekend of fun. Besides going to this campground we had no plans. I am so glad we didn’t!

The pool at the camping resort was amazing! It was a hot weekend so we pooled it during the day. Miss Charlie went down the big slide 1000x with her friends and Mr Simon played in the kiddie pool with his friend “GIA” who is also known as Liam which apparently is a hard name to say. On Saturday we even ate lunch at the pool. We soaked every ounce of pool time we could get. After packing up on Sunday morning we enjoyed the pool for the last time before grabbing lunch at Swiss Chalet and heading home. The pool tired the kids right out which made lunch at  a restaurant with 7 kids look easy. They were all so well behaved, even the littles!

Campfires with kids are the best. We heard crazy stories from them all and even a little song by the cutest three year old! The excitement over making a s’more is contagious. Seeing the children of my friends care and love on my kids is just the best. When I was a kid, we hung out with one other family often and most of my childhood memories involve that family. I am so happy my kids will have this with my friends and their families too. I have prayed for exactly this for so long. For friends we could do life with and when God answered he gave me WAY more than I ever expected and to top it off two Mamas that are truly beautiful women from the inside out who I can depend on.

The campground also had mini golf. This was included with the camp site and the older kids had a blast playing. It was a super cute course and perfect for their age. I am not sure who won we did not keep score any time we played but there was alot of laughing.

Overall we enjoyed another adventure in our camper trailer and made even more memories with it. Again I will say it camping with friends is the way to go. It was so nice to have adult campfire time after the kids went to bed and to have other adults you could rely on for help. For the kids it was always having someone to play with or snuggle with when you need a little downtime to watch “Peppa Pig”. I am so happy I decided to join these Gals and can’t wait to do it again!


One thought on “Friend Vacay Summer 2017

  1. This whole post just fills me with so much happiness for you! I love that your sweet little ones can make memories with friends, and that you are making memories with wonderful families and dear friends as well. So lovely!

    Also, next time, your caravan of campers is coming to PEI, hope you know. Might I recommend Twin Shores? (It just happens to be right around the point from my parents’ cottage…)

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