Beaded Bracelets DIY

A long long long time ago I was a little girl that went to camp. One of my fondest camp memories was sitting around and making bracelets with the other campers. For the rest of the summer you would wear that bracelet. It even made it as far as the first week of school in the fall. Then it would go missing and never be found or thought of again until the next summer when I headed back to camp and a new bracelet would be born. So when beaded bracelets popped up on my instagram feed last week I knew I had to get my hands on some beads.

I went to Michael’s craft store stocked up and brought them home to my little girl. Together we spelled out her name and she quickly caught on to bracelet making. We were both in full crafting mode. Looking back I should have saved this project for a rainy Summer day. It is the perfect rainy day activity. I had too many ideas though and was too excited to hold off. Miss Charlie and I discussed how we wanted our bracelets to look and which beads looked the best. This gal is a chip of the old block when it comes to being crafty.

I am obsessed with all the t-shirts with cute sayings on them right now. So I decided I needed letter beads to put sayings on them. I came up with so many ideas I could wear a different bracelet with a different saying everyday for a month, haha.

I have a pretty great squad of girlfriends so this was my first thought and my first bracelet. Why do us gals like friendship bracelets so much? This is definitely the modern friendship bracelet, “Girl Tribe” would also be cute.

Since Miss Charlie and I were working on bracelets together I thought I should make us ones that go together that we could each wear. She of course loved this idea and is currently sleeping with hers on. I really wish I had a “hashtag” bead!

This was such a fun, easy, and cheap DIY. I will definitely be sporting these for the rest of the summer. It was a great way to connect and chit chat with Miss Charlie too! This DIY would be great for a girls birthday party craft, maybe make a couple of bracelets ahead of time to give them ideas. All of the beads and stretchy string was purchased at Michael’s Craft Store. A perfect easy but fun craft project for the summer!

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