5 Things that make me HAPPY

What a beautiful great week we had. The sun has been shining and the days have been hot! We have been spending the majority of our time outdoors which means tired kids at the end of the day that fall asleep quickly. Here are the things making me happy lately:

Number One

After a hot day outside I think this is the BEST way to cool down…Frozen Yogurt! Goji’s is the place we go to(if we don’t make our own). This was a marshmallow and Nutella swirl and it was delicious. Actually maybe I will go back now! They have a buffet of toppings which include fruit and berries if you are trying to healthy this summer.

Number Two

Campfire socks! I could not resist wearing these on our recent camping trip. It got very cold at night so not only were they stylish but they also served a purpose. Fun print socks make me VERY happy. I own a ton and Jordan often puts them in Miss Charlie’s sock drawer when he is doing laundry thinking they are kids socks. I am a kid at heart so these socks are the perfect fit.

Number Three

This girl has been hard at work learning to write her name! Last year she did not have the patience for this but when this summer was rolling around I thought it was time we try again. She was eager to learn and voila she is now doing it on her own. We practised a letter of her name almost every day for the past three weeks and now she has been printing out her full name. I am so proud of her.

Number Four

This is what date lunch looks like from the “Wok Box”. It is one of my favorite places to eat out at. I am obsessed with this dish the “singapore cashew” and I highly reccommend it and the restaurant. It is quick, inexpensive, and delicious. It is also right next door to Starbucks so we always go for lattes after. That is a pretty perfect date if you ask me. #YUM

Number Five

Soccer is OVER! As much as I love Miss Charlie being apart of an active sport getting her ready and taking her there twice a week since May has made our weeks busy. Today is her last swimming lesson and then we are free from activities for the rest of the summer until school starts up. Looking forward to not being so “scheduled”.

That is all for this weeks happy. What has been making you happy this summer? I am off to finish the book I am currently reading which is also making me happy!

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