The “Unplanned” Weekend

This past long weekend rolled around after a very busy month of July. In this past month Miss Charlie accomplished 4 weeks of swim lessons, that means getting her there in the early morning hours five days of the week. #yawn  She also finished soccer which this year was two nights a week in the evenings. Jordan went on his 5 day hike on the Fundy Footpath and we took our family on a camping weekend with friends to Hartt Island Camping Resort. Sprinkle in Jordan’s full time work schedule and my part time schedule and you have one very busy month and a messy cluttered house that had not quite recovered. Jordan worked the long weekend so we did not make any plans.

I was very excited at the thought of doing nothing all weekend long. By “nothing” I mean full on parenting both the kids while Jordan work Sed his 12hr night shifts. I immediately grabbed this book off the shelf and soon realized I needed to read it as much as possible. #sogood

I did take short reading breaks to get my exercise on though. I have been terrible at getting active this Summer and as the Fall starts to creep in on us I could here myself saying “it’s too cold to go for a walk”. I could not let these beautiful evenings pass me by. So I have been taking my tired body out every evening after the kids are in bed. After about five minutes of walking I get my energy back and do thirty minutes briskly around our property. I pair the walking with a podcast or audible book which gives me the illusion of some genuine time with myself.

There is just one problem with an “unplanned” weekend though, something always comes up. This time is was not an unplanned visitor but a ton of blueberries Miss Charlie had eaten earlier that day. Yup full on sickness came up! I watched my simple, easy, unplanned long weekend go down the flush. My poor girly was sick. I will say she handled it like a champ, no tears during the two days it lasted, and she kept the fluids to her without hesitation.

Mr Simon was forced to play on his own which he didn’t seem to mind at all. I put our baby gate on his bedroom door and he just sat and had a blast with his toys while I did the run with Miss Charlie to the bathroom. The rest of us remained healthy so I assume she ate something while picking blueberries that did not sit well with her!?

I ended the long weekend happy feeling like I survived something. Miss Charlie is mended and back to her usual self. The positive part of the weekend was that she just wanted me to just sit with her which meant lots of reading time. I finished my book and it was excellent. This coming weekend, however, is already planned I will not be taking my chances on another “unplanned” weekend anytime again soon at least one plan needs to be on the books!

Did you survive the long weekend?

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