5 Things that make me Happy

The evenings have been so gorgeous here this week. I have been enjoying my walks and getting some fresh air before bed has made me sleep so much better. With all of our activities finally finished for the summer,search this week has been much easier and much lazier. With nothing to get up and go to I have had a hard time getting myself up and ready for the day but that is a good thing! Now on with the “HAPPY”:

Number One

Very close to our home is an Irving Convenience store and restaurant that sells the most amazing pies. Once every 4-5 months Jordan will head there pick a pie and bring it back for just us two. We will sit, chat, and eat pie (sometimes without even plates) and just catch up on life. This of course happens once the children are asleep. It is such a nice way to connect and as always the pie is delicious! We don’t do it often enough to affect our weight, haha, but it is a bit of a tradition and usually happens when we are both have been busy and stressed and just need to reconnect.

Number Two

I think our boy is athletic. Which is a bit laughable because neither Jordan or I are. Yes, Jordan, I know you played soccer 10+ years ago, haha. From watching Miss Charlie at soccer he now knows how to kick the soccer ball around though his short little legs will only allow him to do so much and he often lands on his bum. Bouncy balls are his love language. He just loved to throw and kick balls and he has a pretty good arm and aim. I love it when my kids love an activity it is so much fun to watch them grow and get better at it. Bring on the sporting events this Mama is ready!

Number Three

I could not put this book down! I read it over the long weekend and really enjoyed it. Do yourself a favor and go buy it and start reading. I now want to see the show. I loved the writing style and that it came to the rescue during a rough weekend. Miss Charlie was sick and basically just needed someone to sit with her and I happily did so with this book in hand.

Number Four

These 3 in the pool with their goggles. The pool makes me happy because it tires them all out. After an afternoon in the pool everyone has a good sleep that night. Mr Simon has gotten into the habit of throwing everything out of his crib 30x when I lay him down. After a swim in the pool though he is lights out straight away and I dont hear a peep until morning. Good sleeps for all means happy parents!

Number Five

Mabels Labels! Everything school related is new to me I didn’t even think of labelling Miss Charlie’s school things until a couple of friends with older children asked me if I ordered her labels. She won’t have as many kids in her class going to private school so I didn’t think it was all that necessary. It clearly stated  in her supply list though that she needed certain supplies labelled and since I am a rule follower I ordered a label pack. Taking a sharpie to her new stuff just didn’t seem right. The labels came in this week and they are adorable. Not to mention super easy to apply. They took about 2 weeks to come in the mail so order yours now to have them in time for school!

What made you happy this week? Please share in the comments below!

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