Dating your Husband

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Dating when you’re married with kid(s) is HARD! See that little head back there!? That is Mr Simon interrupting Mommy and Daddy getting cozy for a minute. We have recently realized we need more “dating” happening in our marriage and decided to make it a priority.

The “Tall Ships” came into the harbor this past weekend in Uptown SJ. I immediately thought this would be a fun family activity. I knew that Jordan would love it and then thought “how many tall ships are we really going to see if we bring the kids?” So instead I called my Mom and we had a little date to look forward to and enjoy yesterday.

The kids can come next time when they are a little older. This time we thoroughly enjoyed them to ourselves and the kids enjoyed Grandma’s pool. Having a date in the afternoon means getting a break from parenting too which is always a bonus.

We also do date night at home in the evenings though once the kids are in bed. Thanks to Hello Fresh I was able to make us the perfect date night meal in thirty minutes. Use code:hollyan for $50 off your first box. Jordan set the table and lit the candles while I made the food. We dimmed the lights and had that restaurant feeling right in our home.

I believe the key to a good “date night” is putting the effort in and making it somehow special and not the “norm”. We are definitely not a perfect couple and for the last couple years with adding Mr Simon to the mix we have put minimal effort into our alone time. We like all of you are so tired at the end of the day. This whole marriage, parenting, life thing is a bit exhausting. I make time to read, blog, binge watch Netflix shows so it is safe to say I had a little time to pour into our marriage to make it even better. I mean once those kids hit the road it is just me and this guy. Even when it’s just us two I hope we always look for ways to make each other feel special and I think that should be one of our goals in marriage. He drives me crazy at times but I love him so much.

What do you guys do for date night??? Please share we need more ideas over here…and keep it G-rated people!

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