5 Things that make me Happy

The week flew by I cannot believe it is FRIDAY! I am very much looking forward to the weekend but mine does not start until after I get home from work in the morning. I have a ton of errands to run today but first lets get on with the happy:

Number One

Do you have the McDonald’s app? Don’t do it, haha. My family ends up at MacDonald’s more than I would like to admit. On this day I took the kids through the drive thru for chicken nuggets and fries which I let them eat in the van on the way home. It was an attempt to keep Mr Simon awake and get them both fed lunch so we could go straight to nap/quiet time when we got to our house. I didn’t order a meal BUT when I checked the app (which always has coupons on it) this Oreo Frappe was a $1.25. So yes, I had to try it and it was so so so good. Which makes sense because I am pretty sure it is as many calories as a meal there. I am now going to have to talk myself out of ordering one of these every time we go there but it did make me very happy at that moment; especially with two quiet chewing kids in the back seat.

Number Two

We went to Moncton last weekend on a day trip to visit with family. Our first stop though to get some energy out of the kids was the Play Cafe. I heard about it on social media and it was great. The kids had a blast playing and I had a blast sitting. We even had lunch there and they were baking cookies when we arrived so the entire place smelled so good. We will definitely be back to this cute family friendly spot! I even got some reading time in!

Number Three

We moved into our current home in 2011 and the entire time we’ve had this green bush on our property. When we first moved in, it was quite small and at one point Jordan wanted to remove it instead of mowing around it. I have always loved it though and wanted to keep it. In the last six years I have used it as a back drop for pictures with Miss Charlie, hung decor on it, and had a couple of her birthday parties beside it. Each year Jordan has cut it back but we never knew what it was and it never produced a blossom just green leaves. This year I noticed it had started to look less like a bush and more like a tree and yesterday we found apples on it for the first time ever. I was in awe, I have literally watched my daughter grow with this tree and little over a week before she starts school it produces apples. This of course made me cry but they were happy tears. Just like this tree my baby girl has changed so much this year she is now a little girl ready for school. Sigh

Number Four

Speaking of that little gal we have been colouring up a storm lately. I love colouring. When Miss Charlie and I colour we chat the entire time. She shares the funniest things with me. On this day we talked about marriage and she wanted to know how I met Daddy. I of course gave her the best Disney approved version I could come up with. She then told me she was going to marry Mr Simon which thankfully I talked her out of it. They are going to share a house though but Daddy and I are welcome anytime and we can even stay over and she will make spaghetti for us. Isn’t that the cutest? Love this gal. Our pictures are on display in our home right now and each time I pass them I think of our little convo that day.

Number Five

Yesterday I finished my 16th book! I set this goal for myself in January and I reached it in August!!! This does not include my audible books because I wanted my goal to only be books that I have physically read but now I will be adding those in too. What a great year of reading. I bring my book that I am currently reading everywhere with me and if I have five minutes you will find me reading. Some days that means on 2 pages! I love reading though so I have decided to make it apart of my daily life as much as possible. Doing a happy dance right now!

That was a great week of happy! What made you happy this week? Share it here or just write it down before you know it you will start looking for the happy on a daily basis and guess what? It will make you more positive and more happy!

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