Last Weekend

Next weekend is the last weekend of Summer before school starts. Jordan unfortunately is working next weekend so we decided to make this past weekend our “last weekend”. On Saturday evening we invited friends over for a camp fire and some fun!

That afternoon I found Jordan frantically looking around the house for paper. When I asked what he needed it for he answered “for the treasure map!” in a “duh” way. We’ve been married long enough that these responses don’t alarm me I simple asked “what did you bury?” Come to find out he had buried our ingredients for our s’mores in 3 different spots. He then made clues and a treasure map for the kids. He put the first clue in the cupboard where I was suppose to go in and act shocked because all of the stuff for the s’mores had gone missing with only the above note left over.

The kids ran around our property looking for the clues. This is them running back for the shovel. A great way to burn off some kid energy before our campfire.

They absolutely loved it. Props to Jordan for doing it. I had absolutely no part in it. Of course when it was time for them to look for clues Jordan sat back and acted like he had nothing to do with it. I absolutely love this creative side of my husband. When we were dating he picked me up one night and handed me a list and a disposable camera(pre-instagram days #old) and he took me on a photo scavenger hunt. That was the moment I knew he was a keeper and to see him do the same for our kids and their friends made me so happy.

It is safe to say this gal had a great “last weekend”. I have butterflies in my tummy each time I think of dropping her off at school next week. They might need to escort me out, haha. I feel so great about where she is going and I know she will have an excellent year and do just great without me. I will miss her though.

After eating our weight in hot-dogs, s’mores, chips, and candy we ended our evening with sparklers. We danced, ran, and laughed at each other. It truly was a great “last weekend” with wonderful friends!

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