Fabfitfun Fall 2017

On Friday’s around here I usually do my “5 Things that make me Happy” post but today we are doing things a little bit differently. I received my Fabfitfun Box and could not wait til Monday to post about it. So I am posting about it today and sharing my 5 favourite items from the box. I received my first box one year ago! Guys, I love this box subscription before taking the plunge to join I drooled over boxes every season. Now it is like Christmas morning when it arrives. The box was filled with almost $400(us) of stuff! Here are my top 5 picks:

Number One

The Mer-Sea and Co scarf. This big beautiful scarf is so so so soft. It is 100% polyester. It has been super warm here this week so I will be saving this for when the snow arrives. I am so excited to bundle up with it. I am in love with it. This scarf retails for $98(us).

Number Two

This piece was so unexpected and yet modern and cute. It is a Jewellery holder by IMM Living. I love that it is rose gold. I will be using this on my desk for nick knacks as I am not one to leave jewellery out with Miss Charlie around. She is a bit of a jewellery thief. I love that they are now adding home decor items in the box. This piece retails for $33(us).

Number Three

I bet this will also be Jordan’s favorite item. It is a Hot & Cold Gel Pack by Mytagalongs. This is going to come in real handy when I have a headache or even cramps. You can put this in the microwave or in the freezer. I am also absolutely loving the little quotes on it to. This retails for $15(us).

Number Four

I will admit I am not one that frequents the gym unless you count driving by as going!? I do, however, have a weakness for bags. I laughed out loud at this one. It will be a perfect over night bag for me to use. It is by Private Party and retails for $59(us). My favourite part about it is the denim wash and zipper compartments.

Number Five

This is the item I am the most excited to try out. I will keep you posted on whether it actually makes my teeth whiter. Have you seen the video for this on Instagram? It is charcoal and apparently gets rid of any stains on your teeth. I was super curious about it and am now thrilled I get to see if it works for myself! This little kit by Molr Dental Club retails for $43.95(us).

Those are my 5 favourites at first glance I am sure I will have more to tell you about once I actually start using the products I received. Such a fun box! If you received one tell me your favourite product if not click HERE for a discount and to order your own!

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