Just Friends

At the end of last week my bestie from PEI took vacation from work and came to visit us! I must have said to her thirty times “are you SURE you want to use your vacation days on us!?” She assured me she did even though Jordan would be working so we would not get as much one on one time together. She was incredible! Patient and so very kind to both of the kids. She even sang Miss Charlie to sleep each night. It was pretty much like having Mary Poppins come to visit.

We have been friends for a VERY long time and she just gets me. This is us if we were goats. Me lying down to eat, her lying close by not judging, haha. Our lives look on the outside very different but we have so much fun together and have worked at staying close over the years. She has carried me through very difficult times in my life and put up with my non stop chatter about absolutely nothing. We are both completely invested in the relationship.

She even bought me the most beautiful sunflowers. It reminded me of the time I had a great loss in my life and she send me flowers and hand written notes to cheer me up along with frequent calls where she would just listen. She will be my friend forever, not because our lives look the same because they don’t but because she never stops being there. Guys, your friends don’t need to be in the same life stage as you to be a great friend and vice versa. Sometimes we think we all need to be in the exact same place at the same time. True friendships power through I am the exact same person inside that I was years ago and she sees that person even though it is now covered with “mom tights”, unwashed hair, and exhaustion. Numerous times she has given me excellent parenting advice with a great outside perspective as she is not a parent herself. Watching her spend time and loving on my kids means the world to me.

We did get some alone time and we spent it wisely. After the kiddos went to bed we ate sushi and watched our favourite movie together “Just Friends”. Before she left we grabbed pizza at a local spot. We had some quality adult chat time over the yummiest food. So so glad she came to spend some time with me and the rumour is she is coming back next month so I guess we didn’t scare her off or wake her up too early in morning.

I love you Rebecca, thank you for being such a wonderful friend over the years!

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