5 Things that make me Happy!

I have been suffering with a terrible cough for the past month and I have not slowed down a bit and yes it has caught up with me! So I am taking a breather and have a very slow relaxing weekend planned…did you hear that kids? Someone asked me the other day if I had a respiratory disease so I thought it was time to get to the doctors and get checked out. Okay let’s be even more real: Miss Charlie now has the cough so I am taking her to the doctors and may as well get checked out while I am there too. Not sure if I’d be going if she wasn’t hacking and coughing now too because my Mom needs always come last and well maybe because a night out with the girls, Starbucks, and just about anything sounded more fun than a trip to see the doctor. I am slapping my own hand right now because now I am totally run down. Take a lesson from me guys, take care of yourself it is always WAY worse when you don’t! Now on to all the positive:

Number One

Jordan completely shocked me with the BEST GIFT EVER this week. He first asked me if I wanted my Birthday gift early even though my Birthday is more than a month away so I said “no!” However, he could not hold back and now I see why. He surprised me with a MacBook Air that he refurbished himself. He hit my “Love Language” spot on! A) He listened to me when I said if I got a laptop I would want it to be a Mac so it would compliment my other apple devices, B) He took the time to search and purchase two on Ebay with his own saved money, and C) He took time to take both laptops apart to make me the ultimate laptop super sneaky and without me even realising. It is just so thoughtful. He said he was proud of me for keeping up with my blog. He definitely wins husband of the year with this gift. I was blogging on my iPad because I loved the connivance of using “airdrop” for my pictures. Now I am on my super awesome laptop. In his perfect world I would be embracing his love for Ubuntu MATE. That is not a disease or a weird lovers position, its an operating system (on his desktop) I can not seem to get a grasp on. After months of trying, he relinquished and got me exactly what I wanted. I’m so happy! No you cannot have him but if you need computer help or advice he is a computer genius!

Number Two

Speaking of my main man, we got some great alone time this week on a day date. We chilled at Starbucks outside in the sun and just caught up on life. We had a lot to discuss and have been having kitchen convos that get interrupted a ton by the kids. By the time the evening rolls around we are both so tired we forget to discuss ANYTHING important! It was so nice to have an afternoon with no plans to just catch up on life.

Number Three

HelloFresh LOVE(Use code: hollyan for $50 off your first box)! Okay, so if you have been near my Instagram account or stories you know how much I am loving HelloFresh! WHelloFreshell, this week I received my box and when I went to cook one of my meals I noticed there was a puncture in the chicken package. Luckily the meat is kept in the bottom of the box so no chicken juice got on any of my fresh ingredients. I took photos and went on my app to find out how to contact customer service I found it in my “profile” but there was only a phone number. I almost didn’t call because my time is super valuable and I would rather purchase new chicken myself then sit on the phone listening to terrible music for a half hour. However I clicked the number and immediately got through…no music at all. My complete phone call(I checked) was 1 minute and they credited my account for a meal. I am so HAPPY I called. I don’t need a company to get it perfect every time(this is the first time I have had a problem though) but I do need them to have good customer service. I didn’t even need to send a photo like I had prepared to do. Loving my meals and this company!

Number Four

Oh my goodness…this pizza! So if I was on death-row this would be my last meal! I am really not sure if Pomodori’s is just local or a franchise but they make the most delicious pizza. Last time I was there I tried one I have been wanting to order for awhile but someone I share with(Jordan) kept saying no and we would end up with a good pizza but never too adventurous. Well I am no longer sharing! I have decided I am a woman that can handle my own full pizza to my self, lol. The Chicken Peanut Pad Thai is absolutely delicious. Get it! Drive to Rothesay and order it. I promise you will love it! Ugh, now I am craving pizza!

Number Five

This BOY! I scored this wagon for him off of kijiji for $25 and planned to give it to him for his Birthday and fill it with other boy toys. Well I could not wait til the end of October(Jordan, must be rubbing off on me) because I waited for two days and gave it to him. He is turning two so he won’t realise this is part of his birthday gifts and I am still totally putting his other gifts in it. I am so glad I gave it early with this nice weather we have been having. We have all got a lot of enjoyment out of it and I can’t wait to take it apple picking.

So even with this dreadful cough as you can see I have had a pretty happy week. You can feel not your best self and still manage to find some happiness. I am off to see my doctor and get some much needed rest! Have a great weekend, friends.


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  1. Hope you are feeling better. I am starting to feel under the weather today. I feel like I need to slow down… Glad Simon likes his wagon!

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