Hello October

Am I wrong in saying September flew by? I am super excited for Miss Charlie’s first long weekend. She also has two days off towards the end of October which I have made sure I am not working for. It is only a half days that she goes for but I miss my girl! I can already feel this school year is going to go by fast. I have heard it a million times from parents of older children but experiencing it for myself is another thing. Being a Mom is really truly special it is like have permanent front row seats to your favourite play or musical(in Miss Charlie’s case).

This girl has had a great first month in school. Each afternoon when I head in to pick her up they come down the stairs in a line singing. She is mastering her letters and in her own time she has been asking us to spell out our names so she can print them out. She not only memorised this month’s bible verse but can also do the sign language for it. I have been getting her to do it for everyone like some party trick she has mastered. It is really starting to annoy her and I keep getting the “yea we get it smart kid” nod from people. Here I am on here now bragging, so it official I AM one of THOSE parents. Miss Charlie now thinks she is bilingual and has been speaking French to me she certainly could be she has already passed what I know in French. Each Friday they do class outside in their own natural science lab in the forest and field behind the school. She is having a wonderful kindergarten experience and I am so proud of her and happy with her school.(If you can’t already tell.)

Mr Simon is coming into his own. He knows exactly what he wants and most of the time I give it to him because he is just so darn cute. He absolutely loves taking Miss Charlie to school and picking her up. It is kisses and hugs and I am sure people think they act this way all the time. They don’t. They annoy the crap out of each other but love each other deep like true siblings. Mr Simon is not a morning person he is like his Mama and likes to wake up slowly. When we get home from dropping his big Sis at school he carts 2-3 blankies and his soother to the loft and demands Peppa Pig(his fav. show) to be put on. This gives me about 45 minutes to clean, do laundry, or simply relax and then he is on the run and doesn’t take another break until his nap time. I usually end up changing his outfits at least three times per iday because boys are messy…like really messy. Right now he purposely drinks from his water bottle and then drools it on himself and soaks his shirt. Why? All. The. Time.

We have been getting as much outdoor time as we possibly can lately. The days have turned much cooler this past weekend. I am loving it though. I truly love each season and feel so grateful to live in a part of the world where we really get to experience season change to the fullest. I don’t dread the cold because it means cute hats, warm coats, cosy sweaters, and hot drinks. There is just so much to look forward to. Being snowed in on a day that neither Jordan nor I have to get to work is my absolute favourite thing. Sliding this year with Mr Simon at the age he is now is really going to be fun. Well I am off to drop Miss Charlie off at school hope you all have a great Monday. Come back on Wednesday when I will be chatting about the first chapter of “Happier at Home” by Gretchen Rubin and how embracing my “stuff” made me happier.


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