5 Things that make me Happy

It is Turkey Weekend!!! We are a bit busy this weekend between work schedules and meetings so I am making a very simple turkey dinner for just our family. We are busy ALL day Saturday so I plan to put a turkey leg and stuffing in the slow cooker and come home and whip up the sides to go with. Monday will be pj day here we are going to be taking it pretty easy. looking forward to it. Now on to the happy from this week:

Number One

Each year I buy a Fall candle from Bath and Body works to light and enjoy all month long. I will burn this empty over the coming weeks and it smells absolutely delicious. This year they really out did themselves at Bath and Body with the label how cute is the chalkboard pumpkin. They had others that were super cute too but I always only buy one at a time because come November I will want the Christmas version. I love when the smell of my house matches the beauty outside.

Number Two

Miss Charlie requested a note in her lunch box this week. I assume one of the other kids in her class gets lunchbox notes which made her want one too. I was happy to oblige. I told her there would not be a note in her lunch everyday but as a surprise every once in a while. Cruel Mommy I just could not add another daily task to my long list. However, the next day Jordan wrote her a note and put it in, haha so maybe she will end up with a note each day after all. When she came home she told me with such excitement that she received a note in her lunchbox. It was sweet.

Number Three

School mornings are insane in these parts. Twice this past week I woke up late and HAD to shower. I take Miss Charlie right to her locker each morning and pick her up there in the afternoon. I love this. However, this also means I cannot roll out of bed and take her I have to get ready. I decided in September that I did not want to be getting ready for the day twice. Once to take her and then coming back to shower just seemed like twice the work. So I have been getting up and fully ready to leave my house by 8am. Bring on hat weather! The mornings have been cooler so now I have been able to just throw on a hat and take her. This hat is from my fabfitfun box and I love it. It is super light weight and I forget I am even wearing it. Hat weather is really going to change my mornings and give me a few extra Zzzz’s which really makes me happy.

Number Four

This week we celebrated “Bampy” Turning 66! He is in Florida(rough life) for his actual B-day so we surprised him with and early party. This man has been a wonderful father to me and he is an amazing grandfather. Both my kids absolutely adore him. Almost every time I visit with my parents he takes both kids outside to see their chickens, go on paddle boat rides, and the swing just to give me a little peace and quiet. He is gentle, kind, and listens to them like he did with me when I was a little girl. Back in the day I would go on day trips with him to his office in Fredericton. I would chat non stop the entire hour and a half drive. We would stop at the same Irving every time and I would go in and get a cappuccino(I was 7yrs old) and pick out whatever treat I wanted. When we arrived at his office he would take me to the office supply room where I would grab high lighters, coloured paper anything I desired, playing on the elevator was also allowed at his office. For lunch we would eat wherever I wanted sometimes we would go to this pizza place that would make slices the size of your head or to Brewbakers and order mussels. In the afternoon I would hang out in the office library and then it would be time to go home. I never remember the ride home I suspect its because I slept the entire ride. This man did not know the word no, haha, I could always pick out all the treats I wanted at the grocery store and it didn’t take much to convince him you needed a new toy. If it was not for my Mom I would be spoiled rotten. I am so thankful fo having him in my life.

Number Five

These napkins were at Winners and I had to have them! They are currently sitting on my mantle which is completely decorated for fall. I love holidays and napkins I believe are one of the most important parts and not just because I am a super messy eater. I search out the perfect ones to go with my decor each holiday season and almost always find them at Winners they have such a good napkin selection. Napkins can make you happy these ones are making me happy right now.

Hope all my fellow Canadians have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! Eat lot’s of turkey and pie!

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