Thanksgiving Weekend Fun

Wow, what a busy weekend! It came and went very quickly but I thoroughly enjoyed it. This year my parents were preparing for a trip and Jordan and I were both so busy that my Mom decided we would celebrate the US Thanksgiving in November as an extended family so I just prepared for our family.

We decided the best evening to have our Thanksgiving meal would be Saturday since we would all be home but Jordan and I were in meetings all day Saturday and my Mom was babysitting. Instead of doing an entire turkey I picked up some turkey thighs. That morning I put them in the slow cooker and let them do their thing while we were out all day. We all arrived home around 4:30pm and I got to work on some quick and easy sides and set the table. I store bought my pumpkin pie too. #keepingitreal

Nobody seemed to notice that we did not have a whole turkey and that our cranberries came from a can and our rolls were from a store they all inhaled the food. It was very good and the turkey was amazing from the slow cooker. I only added salt and pepper and it was fall off the bone delicious. We went around the table and said what we were thankful for and then we all ate pumpkin pie topped with whip cream.

After filling our tummies we dragged our bodies outside. Some of us really had to be persuaded(cough, cough Jordan) and went for a Fall hike. It was a beautiful evening on Saturday and walking was a great way for us all to spend some quality time together after being busy all day. We have some great trails around our property and they are lined with maple trees. My favourite season to walk around it is in the fall.

Mr Simon gets the biggest rocks he can pick up along the trail and gives them to me. I then discretely throw them as we go but he gives them to me like presents. He must have heard me mention to Jordan that I like “big rocks” as presents, haha. He tried to even pick up a few that were way too heavy. This boy is a gift giver he will make his lady very happy someday.

We each found the perfect leaf to bring back home with us. I now have them on my mantle with the fall decor. I am so happy that I got organized and purchased what we needed to make Thanksgiving happen for us. Even with Jordan and I both working the weekend we still were able to make some great memories. It was simple which ended up being perfect.

I hope you all had a great long weekend. This was Miss Charlie’s first long weekend since starting school and I loved having her home on Monday. It was a super lazy day which was exactly what we all needed. Come back here on Friday for my 5 Things that make me Happy and enjoy the rest of your short week!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend! The best thing about our camping Thanksgiving is that is was so relaxing. Everyone chipped in by bringing something to go along with our meal and we sat around picnic tables (with mismatched table cloths). We were keeping the food warm with a portable heater. Lol! It was the perfect no stress Thanksgiving.

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