5 Things that make me Happy

Being a short week, this week flew by. I cannot believe we are nearing the middle of October! Thanksgiving is now in the past and we are now looking forward to the next holiday! Have you picked up your Halloween costumes yet? I picked up the kids’ last month because there is nothing worse than going on the hunt for a certain size a day before Halloween. We are also gearing up for Mr Simon’s birthday. He turns 2 towards the end of the month and we have some major fun planned for him and his bestie who also just turned 2. Lots to look forward to and celebrate ahead; I just love this time of year. Now on with this week’s happy!

Number One

Run to Starbucks before it is gone the Pumpkin Spice whip is out. They bring this out each year for a limited time. You would think that you could not make this drink any better but I promise this whip brings it from a 10 to a 15! Jordan got a different drink and was super jealous when he saw mine so I made sure to exaggerate every sip. It truly was delicious. I can ALWAYS find happiness at Starbucks!

Number Two

Speaking of lattes they are the best accessory to any outfit, haha, and I always seem to have one on hand. What I have been really happy about, however, is this weather. We have been having these amazing cooler gorgeous days. It has been the perfect fall weather where you can wear all your vests, sweaters, and scarfs. I received this blanket scarf in last years fabfitfun box and I am still loving it this year. The sun has been shining every day here this week and I am really enjoying it and I hope it continues all month long!

Number Three

This boy has also been enjoying the weather and the muddy puddles. I have been just loving being Mr Simon’s mommy. We have been having so much fun during our alone time while Miss Charlie is in school(ssshhh don’t tell her). I cart this boy with me EVERYWHERE and so far as long as I bring his favourite blanky and soother along he is cool with it. He just wants to hang out with Mommy so this week I made a point to do some boy things with him. This included jumping in muddy puddles, watching Peppa Pig, and playing trains on the floor. It has been great fun.

Number Four

I got my hair did this week and it feels so great. What I really love though is when they straighten it for me at the salon. I NEVER straighten it anymore myself. Ain’t nobody got time for that! So it is a real treat to have it done when I get it cut. When it is straight I can touch it. If you don’t already know this you cannot touch curly hair or it ends up frizzy. We also don’t like other people touching it…hands off the curls. With straight hair though I can run my fingers through it and it just feels so different. Several people did not recognise me at various things I was at this week which I find super funny. Also people question me on whether it will go back. Yes as soon as I wash it the curls will be back. I think curly hair goes better with my personality but having it straight(especially when it is done for me) is fun too. What really made me happy though was all of the sweet thoughtful comments left on my Instagram pic it made my day. Thank you for being so kind!

Number Five

Those of you that have a pumpkin obsession right now RUN to Goji’s. They have Pumpkin Spice Frozen yogurt that is delicious. I put broken up crispy crunch pieces, graham cracker crumbs, hot caramel, and cool whip on top. Such a great fall treat! Seriously run don’t walk you will thank me later!

This weekend I am cleaning! My house needs a good super clean and I keep leaving it to have fun but I really need to stay home and clean it top to bottom! Wish me luck and I will see you back here on Monday!

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