5 Things that make me Happy

As I write this I have my bedroom window open and the perfect warm fall breeze is coming in. It is a beautiful Friday! This week’s happy picks are all fall related I hope you enjoy!

Number One

If it says “Pumpkin Spice” on it you know I am buying. Who else buys weekend cereal??? Sometimes we buy a more fun cereal(than our usual cheerios) to have on the weekend. This is what we will be eating this weekend and I can’t wait to dive in! I am obsessed with pumpkin right now and enjoying everything that is flavoured with it.

Number Two

Let’s keep the pumpkin flavour going with these delicious cookies. These are from Walmart and cost $3. Go run and buy these NOW! They are drops of pumpkin heaven. Super delicious these babies don’t last in our house long because everyone eats them right up. Going to a friend’s house for coffee then bring these along. They are the perfect treat with a hot drink. Okay, someone take this cookie away from me I’ve already eaten too many!

Number Three

My kids loved “Curious George” when it was on Netflix. They watched it over and over until it was gone one day. This week I picked up this $5 movie for later today. The plan is to go on a fall picnic and hike after I pick up Miss Charlie from school and then come home and surprise them with this. Hoping it will give me an hour of free time! They will most likely watch this over and over until Halloween and then I’ll put it away with my fall decor to bring out next year again.

Number Four

My Fall uniform as I posted on my instagram the other day. I have been wearing plaid shirts and booties almost everyday. I love that it is warm enough that I don’t need a coat yet. This outfit is so comfy and I have been swapping between jeans and leggings for pants.

Number Five

Last year I bought the kids their snowsuits at the end of the season. I also always buy the kids each a coat. Usually a warm but less puffy coat to wear when we are going to church, stores, or visiting and I know we won’t be outside for long. Today at Old Navy it is buy one and get one free in the kids section. So I picked up each of the kids a jacket. If you need to stock up on anything for the kids for clothes today is the time!

That is it for my HAPPY this week. Hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy these beautiful sunshiny days!

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