Birthday Bash

We partied hard for this little 2 year old. Yes, Mr Simon is officially two! I am sure about now that he thinks life is one big party because we have been non-stop celebrating. It started off with his cousins surprising him on Wednesday afternoon with cake and a “Peppa Pig” party. Mr Simon loves “Peppa Pig” so much. I have never done a character themed birthday but for my little boy, well you should hear him oink! On the day of his birthday he woke up to a “Peppa Pig” pancake breakfast and presents from us. We bought him and Miss Charlie “Peppa Pig” t-shirts and they were them all day. Miss Charlie always says she is “Peppa” and Mr Simon is “George” and quite often she refers to us as “Mama Pig” and “Daddy Pig” and we try not to get offended, haha.

That afternoon we headed to Moncton and stayed in the kids suite at the Crowne Plaza. Our friends also met us there and had an adjoining kid suite to ours. Now this was not the first room we were offered. We both booked under our hubbies cooperate rates and I will never do this again because you end up with the crap rooms. Thankfully, I had stayed at this hotel before and knew they had MUCH nicer rooms so I kindly refused the ones we were given (super tiny and not even near each other which was requested upon reservation weeks ago). The BEST part about this situation was Jordan first went down to speak to them and came back with no luck and the suggestion that we just leave and find another hotel. Not wanting to pack the kids up I decided to give it one last go and voila a free upgrade. I honestly think it is because Jordan is so laid back that he sends that vibe off and well I send off the uptight vibe and they don’t want to deal with me. Either way we scored some much bigger joint rooms which made our lives so much easier!

We ordered pizza and ate it in the comfort of our large rooms. We were able to join the kiddie tables in the rooms and make a great spot for the kiddos and then an adult table out of the room desk. We all went swimming. I was so proud Miss Charlies is still a great little swimmer since her lessons last summer and conquered the deep end with no fear. Mr Simon was also jumping in and really enjoying himself. We all had a great night! Us Mama’s even snuck in some gal time after the kids went to sleep.

How sweet are these two?!! They are only 2 weeks apart in age so it made sense to take them both away to party together. Can you imagine having the same Buddy since you were One??? That is my dream for these two. That they have each other for many years to come. We all need a person.

The next day we checked out and headed to the “Magnetic Hill Zoo”. I had not been in a very long time. It was AWESOME! With all of the different ages this was the PERFECT activity. I can confidently say I had just as much fun as the kids.

All of the animals were awesome. I did not go see the snakes or the spiders instead I volunteered to take care of the strollers. #hatesnakes I was just super impressed with the layout and all the different animals. So much fun especially with friends. I highly suggest going with a group the excitement just spreads through everyone. We also went on a weekday because Miss Charlie was off school on Thursday and Friday so we had the run of the place.

The playground at the zoo was insane! As you can see here even Jordan was running for it. I am sure at this moment he was so happy to have kids but for real he came down those slides without any kid on his lap a few times so I’m not sure who he was “helping”. I had just finished saying “the admission was worth it just for this playground” and Jordan came over and repeated the exact statement, haha. Great minds think alike. Really though, awesome!

Lastly we went to McDonalds for a late lunch before a VERY quiet drive home. Everyone except me in the car was sound asleep. I was driving so I had to stay awake. I have to say I MUCH prefer the experience over the party. It literally costs the same. We did experiences for both of the kids this year over parties. I doubt we will get away with that with Miss Charlie next year because she has started going to her classmates parties now. The best part of this getaway was having our friends there with us. We made some wonderful memories. Happy Birthday Mr Simon! xo

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