5 Netflix Shows that make me Happy

As you noticed by the title we are switching things up over here a bit. Today I am sharing with you 5 Netflix shows that make me happy!!! We are a little more than obsessed with Netflix over here. I have my shows that I watch alone and Jordan has his and then we have shows we watch together. There are so many great shows but sometimes we just pass them by unsure whether to try them out or not. I mean there is literally so MUCH to choose from! Here we go with 5 shows I have watched recently or am currently watching and enjoying:

Number One

“This is Us”, Wow! I have one word to describe this show: epic! I watched this show on my own but I think this is a great couples night show too. I don’t want to give ANYTHING away and please don’t tell me anything if you are watching it in real time. If you have not watched this show young or old you NEED too. Please spend you weekend binge watching it is just so good. I laughed, I cried, I loved it!

Number Two

“The Walking Dead” – Jordan kept asking me to watch this with him and around season 3 I finally gave in. I NEVER watch this show alone because honestly I get scaired, haha. I have thought I have seen or heard a zombie too many times to count. There is blood, guts, and freaky zombies so why am I watching this? It truly sucks you in. The story line is great and it really tunes into your survival instinct. My dream is to one day have a “Walking Dead” birthday party where everybody dresses up as the characters and I would be “Daryl”. If as a lady you are reluctant to give this show a try I get it but at least watch the first three episodes. Give it a try and close your eyes during the guts flying scenes. Also don’t eat chips and salsa while watching.

Number Three

“Riverdale” Yes, I am Thirty-something year old Mom watching a show about teens! I use to love reading Archie Comics as a kid. This show comes out based on the comics but with an edgy twist I had to check it out. Truth, I love it. The writers did really well on this show portraying the characters and adding mystery. It is really good and I love that when it comes on Netflix they only release a show/week. Thursday night comes around and up pops a new show on list. It gives me something to look forward to and keeps me from binge watching. Waiting is good too people!

Number Four

“Jane the Virgin” I definitely watch this show alone. If you like soap operas this is a night time soap opera that makes fun of itself. It is corny, predictable, funny, and totally entertaining. It is the perfect show to watch when you want to unwind and put on something mindless. I love it and even talked my Bestie into watching it and she loved it too.

Number Five

“Grace and Frankie” I put off and put off watching this one. It kept popping up as one I might like and I honestly was like “NO, I don’t want to watch a show with two old ladies that find out there husbands are gay together!” I FINALLY one night tried an episode out of pure boredom. I laughed, laughed, and laughed. These gals are hilarious and the show is really well written. I look forward to the next season coming out!

Now grab your remotes pick a show and start binge watching this weekend! Which show should I watch next? Please share!

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