Forever Friends

It is no secret that I love my podcasts. If you do not listen to podcasts please, please, please try one today!!! I listen to them when I’m driving, doing chores around the house, and even in the shower. Jordan and I both are podcast fans. There are so many great ones out there and I find it way more enjoyable then tunes…unless it is Christmas tunes, haha. One of my favorite bloggers and author started a podcast recently and guys she has so much goodness to share! It is Stephanie May Wilson.

Remember last spring when I bought her book “Taking it all off” and lead a small friendship group in my home? I went from hardly any friends to 6 more amazing wonderful friends over night! This book did wonders in bringing us together and ever since we chat all together on a group chat and have get-togethers about once a month and also go out individually. I sat around my table with girls I barely knew and we ALL shared and worked our way through the book over six weeks. The transformation was amazing.

In her #9 episode of her podcast “Girls Night” she discuses friendship and I felt the need to share it with you. Mostly because I remember those feelings of loneliness I have had over the years. Making friends in high school and university was just so easy. You were in each others space almost everyday which made it easy to connect. When we get older and move, or change churches or even if we stay put and the friends around us move. You can all of sudden realize that you don’t have any people. For me, I moved back to Saint John after living in Moncton for a couple of years. Living in Moncton, my husband and I had so many connections and people around us we loved and it also helped that we had gone to university there. Coming back to my hometown and being a newly married 22 year old was hard. I had lost touch with friends or basically not been a good friend and it was silly of me to think I could come back and jump in where I left off. I now want to go back and shake that girl. I put little to no effort in friendships and expected them to just happen or come to my doorstep.

I really just want to encourage you today! If you are having those same feelings of being lonely I want you to first listen to Stephanie’s podcast and then I want you to put your big girl panties on and send that text or make that call and make a friendship happen! I feel like we all have co-workers, fellow mom’s, people in our life surrounding us that we just don’t make an effort with. We are all busy, no excuses! I am even going to take this one step further maybe you have a group of friends and are completely satisfied but as you read this there is someone one on your mind that you have crossed paths with that you know could use a friend, reach out to them! A friend does not need to look the same as you, have the same interests, or political/parenting views a true friend will accept you just as you are. One of my best friend’s I met last year started by us going on a coffee date I can’t even remember who asked who but we went and we both were open and honest and shared and the time just flew by. Our family’s have now gone out two vacations together and she is my person. She literally sent me a text today telling me that she loved me and it was in a moment when I really needed to be loved. Friendships can be so amazing. Put the work in and put yourself out there. Be your authentic self and meet that other person where they are at in their life.

I hope this post at the very least encourages you to be a good friend. I feel so blessed by the friendships I have made this year but I always have room for more and am willing to meet up for a latte anytime! You can never have enough good friends, am I right!?

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