5 Things that make me Happy

This week went by so quickly for us! It was a good one though and I am looking forward to this weekend! My BFF is coming for a visit. She was suppose to come a couple of weeks ago but ended up sick so finally she is on her way and I cannot wait to spend some time with her. Also, it is a long weekend and I am very much looking forward to not having to get up on Monday morning and do the school run! It was a great week and looking like an even better weekend now let’s get on to the Happy!

Number One

Christmas cups are out, and the award for best cup goes to Second Cup. Now my first choice for a latte is ALWAYS Starbucks. They know their drinks but Second Cup came out with the cutest cups – I mean Holly Berries and my signature color blue. Very festive but they’re are not supporting anyone not even Santa Claus, haha. I think it is perfect. I don’t get my knickers in a knot about what my cup looks like or says but I did get really happy when they passed me this one. #nailedit

Number Two

I think she thinks I’m taking a pic of her book, I’m not I just had to get a pic of her hair. I do this while she is in the tub every once in a while and she sleeps with the buns in all night. Then she wakes up to curly hair. It is more like a hott mess on her head but it does give her stick straight hair a ton of body. It makes me laugh that she would want curly hair but I am also very flattered. Love that this girl wants to look and be like me tell me this lasts forever! #celebmom

Number Three

You know that saying “better to ask for forgiveness than permission”? Well Old Navy had a 50% off sale last weekend and I ordered these without permission, haha. I had my eye on them for a little while and was happy to pull the trigger. I was too lazy to take 2 kiddos into the store so I ordered them online. I had already tried them on in store so my only worry is that they would take forever to come. Three days later and I’m wearing them. I have decided that these are my birthday boots since it is my birthday month. It is the one month a year I tend to get away with making a couple of splurges. Thanks for the boots, hun! #besthubbyever

Number Four

These two ran the pants off me the other day outside. We played tag in our yard. We were laughing so hard we could barely run to get away from one another. It was a brisk day and the air felt so good in my lungs. Just being silly with these two outside makes me so happy.

Number Five

Is there any better feeling when you confirm a trip? Especially if it is one with a friend and without kids?.I think not! I love my kids but boy does this Mama need a break! Jordan is awesome at taking over and letting me have a night away every so often. A night away and some girly time is exactly what I need! It made me so happy this week to make it concrete and get it booked!

That is it for this weeks happy. Have a great long weekend I will be taking Monday off to enjoy mine so I will see you back here on Wednesday!

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