Happier at Home: October

Oh sigh, so picture perfect cute! Ugh…so not the case! Lately I have been a less than a stellar wife. Gosh what this man puts up with, haha! I have been putting off writing this post because October was truly sucky wife month for me! What can I say? Every dog has it’s…month!?  I was late in the month finishing this chapter and I definitely needed it much earlier.

This is my “Happier at Home” by Gretchen Rubin post for October and it was all about MARRIAGE and being a great partner! I have come to realize that when I have stress or anxiety in other parts of my life I am not a great partner. I have been very stressed about work lately and getting enough hours. They haven’t been coming in as easily as they did in the past and this has made me VERY anxious that I may not get the hours I need to cover our monthly budget. When I get stressed or anxious all my focus goes on to that moment or thing and it becomes very hard for me to let it go. So basically the entire month of October I spent applying for jobs, interviews, and stressing out. I should note I haven’t been short a shift yet but the uncertainty has driven me nearly mad. In the process of all this I have even taken on a second job. Jordan has been partner of the month. Supporting me in every thought and picking up the slack while I have been so distracted.

Don’t worry, about a week ago I came around. I think the second job relieved some of the pressure for me. I started thinking less about my needs and more about Jordan’s. I’ve made a big effort to keep up with the laundry which is a task that too often falls on him. I made sure I was cooking good hearty meals and that their was a plate made up and ready for him when he got home from work. A night last week when I wanted him to stay home instead of going out as he planned I sucked it up and told him to go have fun while I got the kiddos ready for bed. I don’t ever have a problem remembering to say “I love you” but I have been making sure to hug him more often as I know his love language is “physical touch”. I encouraged him to go out to a movie that I know he had been waiting to see. I have to say, even doing all this in a short amount of time has made me happier!
If you are married I strongly encourage you to give your spouse this week a little more time and energy. Something small means so much. Jordan showed up at home in the morning after school drop off last week with a latte and that made me feel like a million bucks. Making my man happy definitely makes me Happy!




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