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What a wonderful holiday filled weekend! We even got to see the Big Elf himself! November is always the busiest month of the year in our house. Busy in a good way though. We do all of our Christmas prep, shopping and decor in November. I try to be completely finished everything for December first that way I can sit back, relax, and enjoy holidays while also saying yes to all the festivities that come our way. I love being among the bustling crowds in December however I do not like to be IN them racing for that last gift.

This year I am helping with the Christmas decor at my church. I absolutely love decorating for Christmas so I was excited to be apart of the decor team again. The best part is seeing it all come together in the end when it is finished. I headed to Michael’s on Saturday to do a little shopping for our theme.

Miss Charlie came along to help me and we spotted Santa. Neither of our names were on his list though, I guess we both need to brush up on how we’ve been acting before Christmas Day, haha. Miss Charlie helped by filling by baskets with random decor she liked. So basically no help at all but I enjoyed having some one on one time with her. We finished our shopping trip with holiday drinks from Starbucks!

We are keeping the decor pretty simple at church this year; however others often don’t realize even “simple” requires a lot of work and prepping. I headed out to my backyard with Jordan to cut down some trees and then spray them with silver glitter. I then loaded up the van with the trees on top and headed VERY slowly to the church. Lot’s of stares as I looked like a crazy person with trees on my roof.

That evening I took a break from decor and headed to the Santa Claus Parade with my family and my friend’s family. I have learned over the years the parade is WAY more fun if you go with others. Then you can freeze your butt off and laugh with them while you wait for it to get started and their children will keep your own children entertained. It was a great way to end our Saturday. It also completely exhausted the kids. Getting Miss Charlie in from the van sleeping is becoming increasingly more difficult the bigger she gets but there was no way I waking her up to walk in.

Yesterday afternoon I headed to work for a few hours and then back to the church to put everything in place. We decided to start decorating on a Sunday night so we had the rest of the week to change things and add to it before church again. It was fun and we had lots of great help. This week I will be working on finishing my own home for Christmas. I finally gave into Jordan and we will be getting a real tree this year that means waiting a little bit longer to put it up though. I do look forward to the smell of a real tree but I will be purchasing another artificial one during the Boxing Day sales! Happy Monday I am off to start my house cleaning for the week…ugh!

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