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November is the busiest month of the year around here. My goal each year to have ALL the Christmas shopping done by December 1st so in November I am doing the scramble that a lot of you save until December. Trust me it is just as painful but I just like to get it done and over with so I can enjoy the holidays. It has been a busy week of decorating for me. I have been decorating my own home, our church, and also prepping for an event next week. I have also been working each evening for a few hours. So today I decided I needed to “chill out!”

On Sunday night I did not leave our church until after midnight. We kept the decor simple but even simple takes a lot of prep and work that people often forget. Our “Decor Tribe” as I like to call us, lugged trees down from the garage to the church and even mixed cement for our poplar trees to set in. We had to rummage through decor underneath the stage and find all the working lights. There were even people just sitting and holding trees until the cement hardened enough that they would stand on their own. The foyer was our main area to decorate and I wanted to make a place where people could take their Christmas photos. We also did up 6 wreaths for the sanctuary and one of the girls is bringing in an old window to place under the wreath on the wall here.

It may have taken us a little longer than usual to finish because at times we were being goofy. Everything should be fun. So I am always up for a good laugh even when lots of work needs to be done. All the ladies that helped out are like minded that way and not only did we get everything done but we had some fun along the way.

It is a VERY busy month as I said above but it is also so much fun and I love how everything comes together in the end. We were all happy at how our photo spot turned out and I look forward to taking Christmas pictures with my own family here! Today though I am catching up on housework, sleep, and just chilling out. It is the middle of the week and the perfect day for a little break. Whether your busy month is this month or next take time to schedule in a pj day or even just an hour to get your feet up! It makes all the difference. A little added Christmas tip if you have a present on your mind to get someone…order it online today if you can. It will be one last thing you need to think about and there is plenty of time for it to arrive at your doorstep and trust me when I say you will feel great to check it off your todo list!

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