Tis the Season

What a fun festive weekend we had over here! We really brought the Christmas spirit into our home! We drank eggnog, ate cookies, decorated some of the house, read Christmas books and watched Christmas movies. We really brought it and it was so much fun! This is why I love Christmas. It just brings so much joy and fun into our home!

Miss Charlie was really excited to decorate her Christmas tree. I bought this little pink tree from Target a couple of years ago for under $10. It has served us well. I now have to seek one out for Mr Simon and some boyish ornaments, if that exists? I will probably only buy him about five because I suspect he will take them off everyday like Miss Charlie did when she was his age. I think Miss Charlie is a Christmas lover like I am. She loved her room all decked out for the holidays! She has added and added to her tree it is now FULL of ornaments.

I also did my best to add a little Christmas to Mr Simon’s room. I put holiday sheets on both of the kids beds. On Miss Charlie’s bed she has a holiday snowman quilt that I had on my bed when I was a little girl. Mr Simon got the little stuffed elf I received in my stocking as a child one year. So they both have a little piece of my childhood included with their decor. I am so thankful to have two beautiful children to share these with and both items bring back so many great Christmas memories for me.

Jordan is VERY happy because he won this year and we are doing a real tree however that did not stop me from starting my decorating. I finished my mantle this weekend and I love it. This is always my favorite to decorate and I try to do it a little different each year. I bought the paper fans last year after Christmas for super cheap and I love that they have a vintage vibe to them! My “Merry Christmas” was up last year but not on my mantle I purchased it from Michael’s and it was under $10 and is super cute and sparkly. If I remember correctly they had different sayings to choose from.

While decorating, we baked and ate cookies and drank eggnog. We also listened to Christmas tunes. It was perfect and now I cannot wait to find and decorate our tree! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that you made some great purchases with all the fantastic sales! I ordered Jordan’s birthday gift. Make sure to get online today to check out the deals for “cyberMonday”.

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  1. Your house already looked festive when I was last there and it looks even more so now. What lovely memories for your kiddos to have of decorating their rooms – it was always one of my favourite parts of Christmas too!

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